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Adds a special torch which prevents mob spawning in a configurable radius.

Original idea by RWTema (Extra Utilities 1)


CAUTION: There is currently a known issue with Astral Sorcery. Rituals may not work if you place the Feral Flare Lantern close to them since rituals require to be clear of other blocks.


Note: The torch is supposed to only block "natural" spawning from low light levels. Mob Spawners should still work. I've added special handling for vanilla- and extra utilities 2 mob spawners. Spawners from other mods should work as well! If you find a mod that is not working with the mega torch, please open a ticket on my github repo.


This mod has been tested with:

  • Vanilla Allow Mob Spawner 
  • EnderIO Allow Powered Spawner 
  • Extra Utilities 2 Allow Resturbed Spawner 
  • Grimoir of Gaia Block natural Spawn 



Version 1.1 added a new Block: The Terrain Lighter - a block that places torches in a configurable area. The Terrain Lighter needs fuel (Coal, wood or any other furnace fuel), torches and a redstone signal to operate (Lever, Redstone Torch, etc). The Block helps you light up the area around you while you build your home early game. Keep in mind that the Terrain Lighter is not perfect, there might be a few spots which are not lit enough to prevent mobspawning, but it should be decent enough for all those lazy guys out there :P


Version 1.2.0

Version 1.2.0 added the Dread Lamp - a lamp that works similar to the mega torch but prevents the natural spawn of passive mobs ("animals") instead:

Bat, Ocelot, Squid, Pig, Sheep, Cow, Chicken, Rabbit, Wolf, Horse (including Zombie Horse!), Llama and other Entities which implement IAnimals. Breeding animals will still work inside the working volume of the lamp! Only natural spawn will be prevented.

The Lamp has a bigger range by default (64 blocks) since the lamps intended use is to reduce annoyances like massive squid swarms spawning around your ocean base etc.


Version 1.3.0

In Version 1.3.0 mega torches have the ability to burn only for a predefined amount of time. This feature is disabled by default, since it is intended to be used in adventure maps or to balance a modpack.


For more info, see


Version 1.5.0

This version changes the way the torch works. Torches are now persisted chunk independant, which allows torches to work even if the chunk is not loaded. This fixes a rare edge case bug where mobs would spawn close to torch locations (i.e. on login, teleport, or just walking).


Version Support

1.14.4 - Release Candidates available with most features added back in. Remaining features will be added when I find the time.

1.13.2 - skipped

1.12.2 - Feature freeze, only bug fixes.

1.12 - No longer supported, please upgrade to 1.12.2

1.11.2 - No longer supported, final version is


Modpack Permissions

Yes. (If your players have issues with the mod, please make sure they are on the latest version available)





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