The Graveyard (FORGE)

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The Graveyard adds new spooky biomes, structures, mobs and blocks to make your minecraft adventure more thrilling and challenging.
Every structure, mob and biome was built with a lot of attention to detail to create an immersive experience for you.

Versions: 1.16.4, 1.16.5, 1.18, 1.18.1, 1.18.2 (FORGE)


The biomes of this mod are now an independent mod - The Graveyard Biomes (FABRIC).


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The Graveyard comes with a config file to allow high customization, for example:

  • Structures: set structure frequency, the biomes it will generate in (white- and blacklist), and if it can spawn graveyard mobs.
  • Mobs: enable/disable natural graveyard mob spawning, their weight and group size on spawn and in which biomes/mods mobs can spawn.
  • And much more in the config file!



  • The Graveyard Biomes is now an independent mod, found here!



  • Haunted House: uncover the secrets of this run down house.
  • Small Grave: a final resting place encountered frequently while exploring.
  • Small Graveyard: a cemetery that comes in multiple variants.
  • Medium Graveyard: a quite large cemetery in the woods surrounding a minecraft temple. It holds a lot to explore and to gather, but nothing comes without a risk. Especially at night.
  • Mushroom Grave: an overgrown grave, spawning in swamps, jungles and mushroom islands.
  • Memorial Birch Tree: an imposing tree found in birch forests.
  • Large Graveyard: an immense jigsaw structure generating in forests. But be warned - it is full of dangers.
  • Crypt: an expansive labyrinth, full of traps, loot and dangers, hidden in the depths.



  • Skeleton Creeper: a faster undead variant of the creeper. It may has lost his destructive powers, but its haunting appearance will blind you.
  • Acolyte: a darker representative of the illager family. If he'll find you, your bones will serve him as a new weapon.
  • Reaper: Ghosts? Here, in a spooky graveyard mod? No... The reaper takes this place.
  • Ghoul: a deformed revenant, hold together only by his rage on the living.
  • Nightmare: a deformed creature that moves quicker than it seems. Better stay away and never look at it.
  • Wraith: haunting those who dare to desecrate its coffin.
  • Corrupted Illager: a fast undead version of the illagers.


Blocks and Items:

  • Corruption: ↸ᔑ∷ꖌ ᔑリ↸ ᒷ⍊╎ꖎ ᒲᔑℸ ̣ ℸ ̣ ᒷ∷
  • Sarcophagus: a final resting place now turned into storage space.
  • Coffin: a final wooden resting place in all wood variants.
  • Glazed Urn: a beautiful ornated urn, that serves as storage.
  • Small Urn: a simple urn, that serves as storage.
  • Fire Brazier: a dark cryptic iron bowl, displaying soul flames or flames when ignited.
  • Dark Iron Ingot: an ashen version of iron
  • Dark Iron Block: decorative steel-like block
  • Dark Iron Door/Trapdoor: dark version of the iron door and trapdoor, but no need for redstone to open them.
  • Dark Iron Bars: like vanilla iron bars, but dark and matching the theme.
  • Skeletons: a fragile decoration block in many different forms that can be found in graveyard structures.
  • Gravestone: edit the gravestone to create a memorial for your lost minecraft dog or horse.
  • Ceramics: vases to decorate the graveyards (not craftable).
  • Bone Dagger: crafted with bones, this weapon is used in dark rituals. It may also be useful for breaking glass.



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