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Cultural Delights

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A Farmer's Delight addon that adds food systems from around the world.

This mod is still a W.I.P.                      Versions below 1.19 have been discontinued



Currently working on: Ginger, Beans, Meals, and More!

Current crops implemented: Eggplant, Avocado, Corn, Cucumber, Pickle

(Pickling is only available when the mod Brewin' and Chewin' is present)


Some Meal Examples:


Some Squid related items:


Current Sushi types implemented: 

(With kelp texture from Bedrock edition)

(1.16 version includes compat sushi for koi, lionfish, pike, and perch from Abnormals)



Thanks for over 8 million downloads!


If you have any problems, suggestions, or want to be included, join the discord!

Feel free to recommend features

You may use this mod in any modpack or video if you wish to.



By using this link you can get 15% off your first month! Be sure to add the code during the checkout process