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*** ShetiPhianCore Required! ***


This mod adds Dimensional Item Storage.




Dimensional storage chest. Contents are accessible from any other of the same color and network.

Use dyes on the bands to change colors. Unique bands, unique contents.

Storage can be expanded, and made private or team access.

Upgrades are applied by a Shift+Right-click with an item.

An Enderpearl or Endereye will add storage space. 3 and 9 slots respectively, up to 27 slots

A Diamond will make it a private network. An Emerald will make it a team network.


Private network (not locked by default but changeable in config) allows color codes unique for each player.

For example everyone can use red-white-red color on a private network and have different chest contents.

Team network functions like private network but for players on a team: FTB(<1.17) or Minecraft Scoreboard(<1.18) or ShetiPhianCore(1.16+).



Bags link to chests and thus are used to store or access items remotely.

Shift+Right-click on a chest with a bag to link them.



Pouches provide remote access to the Vanilla EnderChest.

They are also used to craft this mods EnderBags and EnderChests.



 Submit localization files on github.

Do not post bugs in the comments, use the Issue Tracker.