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56,278 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 5, 2022 Game Version: 1.19.2  


This is a sound pack that changes some of Minecraft's sounds (work in progress) with more realistic and simple sounds that I like.

SUPPORTS VERSIONS FROM 1.10 TO 1.19+ (and onward)

Even if it says it's incompatible in the menu.


Some of what it currently changes:

  • Footstep sounds
  • Block breaking/placing sounds
  • Player damage sounds
  • Eating sounds
  • Cave sounds
  • Weather sounds
  • Water sounds
  • Lava sounds
  • Fire sounds
  • Explosion sounds
  • Friendly mob sounds (wolf, cow, pig, chicken, sheep)
  • Some block sounds (chest, composter, pumpkin, brewing stand, furnace, blast furnace, smoker and more)
  • Miscellaneous Sounds


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