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📖 About:

Configured is a simple and lightweight mod that dynamically creates a configuration menu for every mod. Previously mods would use Forge's built-in GUI system however that no longer exists in newer versions. This mod aims to reintroduce that system and create fresh new experience with an updated easy-to-use layout. The best part is that Configured supports* every mod and doesn't require other mods to write extra code. Currently Configured allows you to change client and common configurations, server config is coming soon!
* Configured only supports mods that use Forge's config system, anything custom will not work.

📦 Developers:

This mod has support to change the background texture of the config screen. Just add [modproperties.<yourmodid>] to the bottom of your mods.toml then under it add an entry called configuredBackground set the value to "minecraft:textures/block/stone.png" or another location to a texture file. You do not need to make your mod depend on this mod, however on CurseForge I appreciate if you mark this mod as an optional dependency. Please see Configured mod.toml for an example.

📷 Screenshots:


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