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📖 About:

Configured is a simple and lightweight mod that dynamically creates configuration menus for every mod with a supported config system. The mod was initially created due to the removal of Forge's built-in GUI system but it has now expnaded in features and supported modloaders. Configured aims to make it easier for players to modify the configurations of mods by providing a beautiful GUI and an intuitive experience. The best part is that Configured doesn't need other mods to write extra code in order for a menu to be generated, assuming they are using a supported config system. This mod can be safely added to any modpack without any problems.

✨ Features:

  • Allows you to edit mod configurations directly in-game. This makes it easy to quickly modify properties!
  • Automatically supports every mod that utilise the supported config systems. No extra work needed mod developers!
  • A beautiful GUI design with a focus on creating an intuitive experience.
  • Adds a new keybinding to open the mod list from in-game without additional mods.
  • Optional support for mod developers to set the background texture of their config menu (See below)
  • Lightweight and just works! Add it to your modpack without any problems.

✅ Supported Config Systems:

  • Forge (all mods using either client, common, and/or world configs)
  • NeoForge (all mods using client, common, and/or world configs)
  • Framework (all mods using client, common, server, and/or world configs)
  • JEI (Supports editing clients configs)

📦 Developers:

This mod has support to change the background texture of the config screen through the mod's metadata. Below you can find an example for each modloader.

Forge/NeoForge - Add this under your [[mods]] section in your mods.toml


Fabric - Merge this JSON into your fabric.mod.json

  "custom": {
    "configured": {
      "background": "minecraft:textures/block/stone.png"

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The comment section isn't great for support, join the official discord server. You can get help installing and configuring mods, resolving crashes and more! Plus you'll also get access to news about mod updates and development (before anywhere else).