80,372 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 3, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Artifacts is a mod that adds various powerful baubles and other items. A lot of these items are inspired by Terraria, but many new items can also be found. These items can be found through exploration and as rare drops from entities. Many new items are still planned, armor tools and purely cosmetic items may also be added at a later date.


Right now the mod is usable but not yet completely finished, the main reason I've already released an early version is to get some feedback. Please don't hesitate to put your suggestions on the issue tracker or in the comments. I can't promise to implement everything, but it's nice to have a general idea of what my mod lacks the most at the moment.


Almost all items in this mod are dropped from mimics at this moment, which can be found underground. This will still change later when more world gen is added. Chests with loot have a chance of generating underground, mimics have a chance to generate instead of these chests, which will attack players when they get to close. 2 new items can also be found in a new ocean structure. 


The full set of items added by this mod is as follows:

  • Shiny Red Balloon: increases jump height
  • Lucky Horseshoe: negates fall damage
  • Cloud in a Bottle: allows the player to double jump
  • Fart in a Jar: allows the player to double jump
    Crafted using Whoopie Cushion and Cloud in a Bottle
  • Whoopie Cushion: causes the player to fart occasionally
  • Obsidian Skull: grants fire resistance when hurt by fire damage
  • Star Cloak: causes stars to fall when injured
  • Feral Claws: increases attack speed
  • Power Glove: increases attack damage
  • Magma Stone: causes meelee attacks to set the target on fire
  • Mechanical Glove: increases attack damage and speed
    Crafted using Feral Claws and Power Glove
  • Fire Gauntlet: increases attack damage and speed, causes meelee attacks to set the target on fire
    Crafted using Mechanical Glove and Magma Stone
  • Pocket Piston: increases knockback from all attacks
  • Thorn Pendant: has a chance to hurt attackers
  • Flame Pendant: has a chance to set attackers on fire
  • Shock Pendant: has a chance to strike attackers with lightning
  • Ultimate pendant: has a chance to hurt attackers, set them on fire and strike them with lightning
    Crafted using the Thorn, Flame and Shock Pendants
  • Panic Necklace: increases the movement speed of the player when hurt
  • Night Vision Goggles: grants the player night vision
  • Snorkel: allows the player to breathe underwater
  • Drinking Hat: decreases the time it takes to drink drinkable items
  • Cobalt Shield: prevents knockback from all attacks

Additionally, "everlasting" food items have been added which very rarely drop from animals and never run out when eaten




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