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This is the Forge version of Catalogue, a Fabric version is also available!


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đź“– About:

Catalogue is a simple mod that replaces Forge's mod list menu with an updated and modernised version. Catalogue creates a more rich experience for players, making it easier to search installed mods, check for updates, submit bugs and see relevant mod information all in a brand new and modernised layout. All mods that work with Forge's mod list will automatically work with Catalogue and requires no extra work from developers.

📦 Developers:

By default, Catalogue will attempt to use an item or the logo image from your mod as an icon in the mod list. If you want to specify a custom item or icon image, Catalogue has special mod properties you can add into your mods.toml to set the icon. You do not need to make your mod depend on Configured, however I appreciate if you mark this mod as an optional dependency. To learn more about this feature, see the developer help page.

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🙋‍♀️ Need Support or Want to Follow Mod Development:

The comment section isn't great for support, which is why MrCrayfish recommends you join the  Discord community. You can get help installing and configuring mods, resolving crashes and more! Plus you'll also get access to news about mod updates and development (before anywhere else!). Click the banner below to join đź”˝