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Now out on 1.19!  ... and 1.18...


This mod allows you to modify the blocks generated by cobblestone/stone/basalt generators, and even make custom generators.

By default, this mod makes it so that these generators can generate some ores and stone types, but you can change these in the config or with a datapack.



Also has JEI support! 


To update: just delete the config file, or manually add the weights
Example entry: ["minecraft:stone|2", "minecraft:dirt|1"]


Now supports Forge tags! (ex: "forge:ores")


How to make generators with custom catalyst:

Just like how basalt generators use soul soil as a catalyst, you can add your own with this mod.
To do  this, add a new entry to the common config using the following syntax:

custom_generators = [Generator]
Generator = [Type, Block, List]
Type = "cobblestone" or "stone"
Block = the resource location of the catalyst ("modid:block")
List = A list of block entries ("modid:block|weight")

custom_generators = [
["cobblestone", "minecraft:diamond_block", ["minecraft:diamond_ore"]],
["cobblestone", "minecraft:dirt", ["forge:dirt"]],
["stone", "minecraft:white_wool", ["minecraft:wool"]]



For modpack devs

Inspired by Boodlyneck