Savage & Ravage

195,418 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 11, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.1

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Savage and Ravage is a vanilla-focused mod aiming to improve and expand everything Illager-related through new structures, enemies and challenges! So far it includes a better raid starting mechanic, changes to pillagers, some bonus creeper features and more.

Every feature that’s implemented or planned is detailed in this design document, but we’re still in the process of coming up with more; the mod is nowhere near done, so look forward to exciting new content.


To keep up with development, to suggest features or just to have some fun conversation you can join our Discord server!

Please report bugs, incompatibilities, crashes, etc. as issues on GitHub.



  • MCVinnyQ, for ideas that many of this mod's features are inspired by.
  • Markus1002, for the Finnish translation.
  • Eiitsuko, for the French translation.
  • peepeh, for the Spanish translations.
  • Rye, for the Pirate Speak translation.