Little Logistics


Little Logistics

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Water & Rail logistics mod for Minecraft Forge, adds Tugs and Locomotives!

See the Mod Homepage for usage instructions.

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Bit By Bit

Install patchouli to get an in-game guide. Can be crafted using a chest, a book, and a compass (shapeless).


See the Mod Homepage for usage instructions and showcase.

Little Logistics is a mod for Minecraft Forge focused on efficient, affordable, long-distance transport. This guide does not cover recipes, to check item recipes use JEI or a similar mod.

Vessels - Tugs and Barges

Vessels are the core of this mod. There are two types of vessels: Barges (that can do all sorts of useful things), and Tugs (that drag the barges). If vessels get stuck, they can be moved slightly using fishing rods (just like other entities). Tugs can also be dragged with leads, right click on the hook at the back of the boat to attach.

Transport your items and fluids, or fish automatically using any existing natural waterways or create your own!


Trains - Locomotives and cars (Little Logistics 1.2+)

Small trains that can be linked together and transport items and fluids. Equipped with pathfinding and collision avoidance AI. Just pick your destinations and switch tracks will adjust automagically!


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Little Contraptions (official)

Create compatibility add-on


Little Botanics (third party)

Botania compatibility add-on


Mod compatibility issues

This section lists known minor compatibility issues, most of which can be easily resolved.

Barges/Cars disconnecting in multiplayer in 1.19+

An unknown mod compatibility issue in large modpacks is causing links to break on log out. Some people reported that enabling offline loading in the server config (inside the world save) fixes the issue.

Canary mod (lithium port)

Causes issues with hoppers. Add mixin.block.hopper=false line to canary.properties file to fix the issue.


Optifine will break chunkloader barges/cars (1.16, 1.18) or vehicle registration (1.19+). This issue only happens in singleplayer, and several users have reported that disabling "smooth world loading" and "lazy chunk loading" fixes this issue.

Small Ships mod

Having boats from Small Ships close to tugs may break their AI. To avoid this keep your Small Ships boats few chunks away or disable WaterMobFlee in Small Ships config.

Modern UI mod

May break tug route item GUI, disabling "smooth scrolling" in the settings resolves this issue.


Will you be backporting this mod to version X

We will not be doing any backports to older minecraft versions.

Will you be backporting trains to 1.16?

Trains will be added in minecraft 1.18.2+ only.

Will you be porting this mod to Fabric?

Not at this time.

Is there any way to make locomotives or tugs go faster?

Yes, you can change the speed in the server config. Very high speeds may cause performance issues and/or issues with collision detection etc. For locomotives, make sure to increase both the locomotive base speed and general train car max speed.

How can trains move without chunkloaders?

In 1.19+, players can register locomotives and tugs. Registered trains can move without chunkloaders. The game will keep a small number of chunks loaded for vehicles to move, but nothing in these chunks will be ticked/processed (apart from the vehicles). By default, this system only works when the owner is online, and there's a configurable limit per player.

This system works by loading "border chunks" instead of ticking chunks, and issuing ticks to vehicles separately. Want to use this system in your own mod? Checkout LiteLoadLib