Visual Workbench

19,956 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 19, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

📖 About:

Visual Workbench makes items put into a crafting table stay inside. Breaking the block drops everything on the ground, just like you'd expect. Oh, and crafting ingredients are also rendered on top. Really fancy if you ask me!

Crafting now looks really fancy    Modded crafting tables work too
Floating item rendering option    Flat item rendering option

💡 FAQ:

Q: Does this work with crafting tables from other mods?
A: Yes, mostly.

Q: How can I prevent a crafting table from being changed by Visual Workbench?
A: Add it to the visualworkbench:non_visual_workbenches block tag.

Q: Now that items stay in the table, clearing the interface is so tedious. What can I do?
A: Try Crafting Tweaks, a mod by BlayTheNinth.

Q: Can you backport to 1.12?
A: No, but check out the original RealBench mod by Prototik.

Q: What about a Fabric port?
A: Not available, but check out Colored Crafting Stations, a similar mod by LordDeatHunter.

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