Upgraded Netherite

48,088 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 25, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.2

First of all : Texture are based on SystemZee's gilded netherite idea






Add upgraded version of netherite armor, horse armor and sword with unique effect.

Armor effect can be configured for require the entire set. (Default: True)



Gold Upgraded Netherite


  Armor Effect : Piglin become neutral. 


  Horse Armor Effect : Increase rider looting by 1.


  Sword Effect : Increase damage dealt to Piglin Brute by 3 & Increase looting by 1. Looting III or more increase looting by 1 more.



Fire Upgraded Netherite


  Armor & Horse Armor Effect : Fire damage immune and increase movement speed in lava. 


  Sword  Effect : Increase damage dealt to targets not immune to fire by 1. Fire Aspect II or more increase damage dealt by 1 more.



Ender Upgraded Netherite


  Armor  Effect : Prevent void death(by teleporting player) and enderman anger. 


  Horse Armor Effect : Prevent void death(by teleporting horse,but if you ride him without the ender armor effect you not get teleported with him !).


  Sword Effect : Prevent teleporting for 10s and increase damage dealt to Enderman by 3.




Water Upgraded Netherite


  Armor & Horse Armor Effect : Water Breathing. 


  Sword Effect : Increase damage dealt to targets immune to fire by 3 and increase damage dealt to enderman by 1.



Wither Upgraded Netherite


  Armor & Horse Armor Effect : Wither effect immune. 


  Sword Effect : Chance to apply Wither (Sometimes Wither II) on hit.



Poison Upgraded Netherite


  Armor & Horse Armor Effect : Poison effect immune & Climbs Walls.


  Sword Effect : Chance to apply Poison on hit.




Phantom Upgraded Netherite


  Armor Effect : Fall damage immune and step height. 


  Horse Armor Effect : Fall damage immune. 


  Sword Effect : All the living entities around you glowing and increase damage dealt to phantom by 2.




Feather Upgraded Netherite


  Armor & Horse Armor Effect : Slow Falling & Water/Lava Walking. 


  Sword Effect : Attracts items near you.






  Netherite Apple : Instant damage I, Hunger II 20sec, Slowness I 20sec, Fire resistance 20sec, Strength III 20sec.


  Enchanted Netherite Apple : Instant damage II, Hunger IV 20sec, Slowness II 20sec, Fire resistance 20sec, Strength IV 20sec.




 Language :


English (en_us) (1.6.0)

Français (fr_fr) (1.6.0)

Pусский (ru_ru) (Thanks to kazmurenko) (1.5.0)



Spotlight Video (Thanks for your work :)) :



Feature probably added in the future :

More upgraded version

Combining armor effect

Upgraded Netherite apple

Upgraded netherite tool


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