Selene Lib

2,559,611 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 12, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Selene is a small library that I will be using for my mods


As of now it contains the following features:


- Custom map markers: 
  A complete system that allows to easily implement and add map decoration and map markers as well as control every aspect of them like rendering


- Custom first and third person animations:

  Allows modders to implement a simple interface in their items to allow it to have custom third and first person animations (like crossbows)


- Grindstone achievement triggers:
  The mod adds a custom trigger that gets called when an item is passed through a grindstone that you can call in your mods advancements jsons

- Soft fluid system:
  A custom virtual fluid system that goes on top of forge one and is designed to fit better in vanilla minecraft and having as main feature the ability to have multiple fluid containers items like bottles, bowls and buckets, as well as providing support for stews and drinks that can be consumed directly from a fluid tank. As opposed to the forge fluid system it has a base unit of 1 minecraft bottle (250 forge mb). The system also automatically   generates all the needed fluids for already registered forge fluids and allows the user to override them or add to them easily

- Dispenser utilities:

 Some code that allows to easily register dispenser behaviors without overriding already existing ones. Also comes with builtin spawn egg and block placement behaviors



- Some other random utilities


For examples check the javadocs and the example folder included in the mod







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