Loot Beams

1,768,123 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 15, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +2


A client-side mod that adds colorful and customizable loot beams to dropped items!

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Loot Beams are added to all items by default and they change colors depending on the items name. You can specify a whitelist/blacklist for Beams, color overrides, and even NBT tags to change their color! (like "lootbeams.color:"0xFFFFFF"").


Beams also have nametags that show up when looking at an item or crouching so you can see what an item is without even picking it up. This mod is client-side, meaning it will run on vanilla servers and forge servers that do not have this mod installed!


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This mod was developed for use in Damned Minecraft(And yes you can use it on its own or in your own modpack)


Looking for unique loot for these beams to render on? Check out DMCLoot! which adds many affixes and rarities to tools, weapons, and armor.



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