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  With Chalk you can mark your way through the vast world of Minecraft®! 


This is a Forge mod. 

Playing on Fabric? Here's a port: Chalk (Fabric) by DaFuqsy.




  • To make a chalk you'll need a piece of Calcite and Dye, any color will do
  • Chalks can also be found in underground chests, as well as in some villages
  • Mark will point at a direction depending on which part of a block was clicked. Sneak+Right Click will draw an X-mark
  • You'll need a good flat surface to draw a mark on. Any full side of a block will suffice
  • If you made a mistake - just draw a new mark on top of it, no need to brake it first
  • Store your chalks in a Chalk Box
  • To make a mark glow - use Glowstone Dust or Glowing Ink Sac on it. It will even slightly light up surrounding area
  • If Glowstone of Glowing Ink is held in offhand - marks will be drawn glowing.
  • You can draw on Supplementaries Blackboard with chalks. Enable colored_blackboard in Supplementaries config for colored drawings
  • Glowing Inc Sac from Caves and Cliffs Backport  or Upgrade Aquatic can also be used to make a mark glow (1.16)










This mod was heavily inspired by Ariadne Coal item from Engineer's Tools by wilechaote.


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