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Are you tired of having hundreds of eggs taking up space in your chests? Do you wish you could use them for something other than baking cakes and pies? If so, then this mod is perfect for you! This mod adds chicken nests that make collecting eggs easier and some new foods that can be crafted with them 




Chicken Nests

Chickens now prefer to lay their eggs in chicken nests instead of where they happen to stand, which makes nests an easy way to collect eggs. A single nest can store six eggs at a time, but hoppers can be used to transfer the eggs out of a nest whenever a chicken lays an egg in it. Nests can also simply be used for decoration. They generate naturally in forests and can be crafted with five wheat.


Fried Eggs

Fried eggs restore three hunger points when eaten and can be made by smelting eggs in a furnace or a smoker.


Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs can be crafted with two eggs, one milk bucket and a bowl. They restore six hunger points and instantly heal one heart of health when eaten.


You can contribute to this mod by translating it to new languages. All you need to do is to send me the modified language file and specify the language.


- Me

- vhslance (Korean translation)

- F4zzer (Russian translation)

- peehpeh (translations for Spanish Languages)

- XanaSago (German translation)

- xM4RCOSx (Brazilian Portuguese translation)

- Rye (Pirate Speak translations)


Feel free to use this mod in your modpacks. Just remember to give credit to me.


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