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  • Stunning new biomes with Biomes O' Plenty, Autumnity, Atmospheric, Environmental, and Druidcraft.
  • Many new blocks in a variety of materials and colour palettes to enhance your builds and improve the landscape surrounding them.
  • New structures and dungeons to discover, generated by our own Valhelsia Structures mod.
  • New content to discover in The End thanks to The Endergetic Expansion.
  • It isn't just the surface of the world that is improved, there is an entirely revamped underground thanks to  YUNG's Better Caves and Better Mineshafts as well as underground biomes from Quark.
  • Create fully automatic factories via Mekanism, Immersive Engineering, and Create. Decorate them appropriately with Engineer's Decor.
  • Learn new magical abilities and craft magical artifacts via mods such as Botania, Eidolon, Blood Magic, or Astral Sorcery.
  • Create yourself new armor and tools, whether through magic or technology. Or choose to create your tools and weapons with Tetra, merging several materials to make something completely custom and modular.
  • Be rewarded for your exploration with unique Artifacts that can be found in dungeons, buried treasure, end cities.
  • Enjoy some of the highest quality new mods, such as Farmer's Delight and Supplementaries, as well as compatibility with other mods via Abnormals Delight.
  • Many quality of life mods to make interacting with the game easier, far too many to mention!
  • A number of mods to aid with performance, such as FerriteCore and Performant.
  • We have hand-picked a selection of mods intended to add fantastic new gameplay experiences; while we've tried to include mods that appeal to every type of Minecraft player, we are also avoiding redundancy where possible.
  • Comes bundled with the Updated Engineering Resource Pack, by tdstress (included with permission).


We will be continuing to develop and support the pack for quite some time to come, including the addition of many new (and newly ported) mods.

These are some sample images of Valhelsia 3's world generation, taken in-game with Sildur's Vibrant Shaders (Extreme-Volumetric Lighting), which relies on the OptiFine mod being installed (not included in the pack, instructions on how to add it can be found here).

Minimum allocated RAM: 4 GB
Recommended allocated RAM: 5-6 GB normally, or 6-8GB for those with OptiFine, high render distance, increased video settings, HD resource packs, and/or shader packs.

There is a guide to allocating RAM here, on our wiki.
OptiFine: You can find the necessary information about OptiFine compatibility and setup in our Knowledgebase.




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