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Jan 17, 2018

Owner: TheRandomLabs

RandomPatches is a mod that contains a bunch of miscellaneous patches for Minecraft. RandomPatches only contains features that require ASM transformers. Tweaks that don't require ASM transformers go in RandomTweaks, which I recommend as a companion mod.

When installed on the client, RandomPatches should be completely compatible with vanilla servers, and when installed on a server, it should be completely compatible with vanilla clients. This also means that the client can connect with a different version of the mod to the one on the server.


Read and login timeouts

  • The read and login timeouts are hardcoded in vanilla Minecraft, and are often not long enough for slower computers.
  • On Minecraft 1.9 and higher, RandomPatches allows you to configure the login timeout, and on Minecraft 1.12 and higher, the read timeout is also configurable.
  • By default, RandomPatches sets the read timeout to 90 seconds and the login timeout to 900 seconds.
  • The read timeout is the time the server waits for a response to the KeepAlive packet it sends every set interval. This interval can also be configured on Minecraft 1.9 and higher.
  • The read timeout is automatically rounded up to a product of the KeepAlive packet interval.
  • The login timeout generally has more impact than the read timeout.
  • This also sets the "fml.readTimeout" and "fml.loginTimeout" system properties.
  • These timeouts can be configured and take effect in-game, unless the NetHandlerPlayServer patches are disabled in the configuration.

Force return to the title screen

  • In vanilla, the game returns to the Multiplayer/Realms menu when disconnecting from a server.
  • RandomPatches provides an option to force returning to the title screen after disconnecting.
  • This option is disabled by default.
  • This can be used in conjunction with ServerObserver. If you have auto-connect enabled and leave a server to go AFK, without this mod, ServerObserver automatically rejoins the server because Minecraft returns to the Multiplayer menu.
  • This can be configured and take effect in-game, unless you set "patchTitleScreenOnDisconnect" to false.

Configurable player speed limits

  • On Minecraft 1.9 and higher, this removes the rubber banding and the "<Player> moved too quickly!" log spam that occurs when players move too fast.
  • The normal movement speed, elytra movement speed and vehicle movement speed can be configured.
  • This feature disables itself if SpongeForge is installed since it already has this functionality.
  • These limits can be configured and take effect in-game, unless the NetHandlerPlayServer patches are disabled in the configuration.

Faster language switching

  • Almost removes the lag from switching to another language.
  • This was taken from FastLang.
  • This cannot be toggled in-game.

Toggle Narrator keybind

  • Adds a Toggle Narrator keybind.
  • This is similar to Rebind Narrator, but RandomPatches' version is slightly more consistent with vanilla behavior.
  • This feature disables itself when Rebind Narrator or ReBind is installed.
  • Since the narrator was implemented in 1.12, this only works in Minecraft 1.12 and higher.
  • This feature cannot be enabled/disabled in-game.

End Portal tweaks

  • Fixes the End portal and End gateway break particle textures and improves End portal rendering.
  • In vanilla Minecraft, the particle textures are missing so they show as purple and black, and End portals only render from above.
  • RandomPatches fixes these issues by changing the particle textures on Minecraft 1.12 and below to obsidian to match Minecraft 1.13+ and by forcing portals to render from both above and below.
  • This feature only works on 1.11 and above and is completely client-sided.
  • End portal rendering without RandomPatches:

End portal rendering without RandomPatches

  • End portal rendering with RandomPatches:

End portal rendering with RandomPatches

  • Break particle textures without RandomPatches:

Break particle textures without RandomPatches

  • Break particle textures with RandomPatches (outdated):

Break particle textures with RandomPatches

Recipe Book NBT Fix

  • This is a fix for MC-129057, which prevents ingredients with NBT data from being transferred to the crafting grid when a recipe is clicked in the recipe book.
  • Although RandomPatches' fix is slightly more mod-compatible in theory, it disables itself when VanillaFix is installed.

Boat tweaks

  • This is a better implementation of the Buoyant Boats tweak in CplPibald's Tweaks.
  • The buoyancy of boats under flowing water can be configured.
  • In vanilla, underwater boats have a buoyancy of -0.0007, which means they sink.
  • RandomPatches by default changes the buoyancy of underwater boats to 0.023, making them float and allowing them to travel upwards.
  • There is also an option to prevent underwater boat passengers from being ejected after 60 ticks (3 seconds), which is disabled by default.
  • Unlike CplPibald's Tweaks, which creates a custom boat entity, RandomPatches works by patching the EntityBoat class, which makes this feature work with vanilla clients connecting to servers withthis mod installed.
  • The underwater boat buoyancy and underwater boat passenger ejection prevention take effect in-game when changed.

Minecart AI Fix

  • This is just a very simple fix for MC-64836 for Minecraft 1.12.2 and below. This bug causes non-player entities to be able to use their AIs to move minecarts, which can interfere with automation.
  • This cannot be enabled/disabled in-game.

MC-2025 Fix

  • Fix for MC-2025. This only works on 1.10 and above, although it could be made to work for 1.8.
  • In vanilla Minecraft, entities' bounding boxes are recalculated every time they are created. This is not always accurate, which can lead to entities suffocating.
  • RandomPatches fixes this by storing entities' relative bounding boxes (in a tag list called RelativeAABB) and restoring them when they are created.

Remove potion glint

  • Removes the glowing effect from potions.
  • This option is disabled by default, and cannot be toggled in-game.
  • This was taken from NoMoreGlowingPots.

Skull stacking fix

  • In vanilla Minecraft, player skulls do not stack if they were obtained in different sessions.
  • RandomPatches fixes this by making Minecraft treat NBT tags as equal if the SkullOwner tags are functionally equivalent.
  • By default, skulls are only treated as equivalent if the textures are the same, but this can be disabled so that skulls with the same player profile are treated as the same.
  • This feature works if only installed on the server, but is limited. This feature does not work if it is only installed on the client.

Portal bucket replacement fix

  • This is a fix for MC-11944 on Minecraft 1.9 and higher, which allows players to replace End portals, End gateways and Nether portals with buckets.
  • By default, this fix is disabled for Nether portals to allow for toggleable Nether portals.

Configurable window title/icon

  • This allows the window title and icon to be configured.
  • The title and window icon are set immediately upon creation.
  • It's the little things also implements a configurable window title and icon, but its version loads much later. RandomPatches will not set the window title and icon if It's the little things is installed.
  • Custom Tweaks' custom window title also loads later instead of immediately upon window creation.
  • The title and icon are configurable in-game and are set to the vanilla title and icon by default.


  • All features are configurable.
  • On Minecraft 1.9 and higher, /rpreload reloads the server-sided configuration and /rpreloadclient reloads the client-sided configuration (which are the same thing in a singleplayer world).
  • Many options can be changed through the in-game configuration GUI, which now works on all supported versions of Minecraft, and many also take effect in-game.
  • Using /rpreload or /rpreloadclient to reload the client-sided configuration does not update the window settings. Use the configuration GUI for this instead.

RandomPatches also allows other mods (namely RandomPortals) to replace the default Teleporter and portal renderer.


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