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The mod has its focus on decorative blocks and devices helping you to build nice looking manufacturing contraptions. Current feature set:


  • Treated wood crafting table: 3x3 crafting table with IE style GUI and a model fitting better in the engineer's workshop. Keeps its inventory (also as item), has eight additional storage slots on the left side of the crafting grid. Crafted 2x2 with three treated wood planks and one vanilla crafting table. Quick crafting history re-fabrication (32 last recipes), exact placement, recipe filtered. Shift-click stack transfer into the crafting grid automatically distributes the items to the matching slots.
  • Small laboratory furnace: Solid fuel consuming, updraught. Slightly hotter and better isolated than a cobblestone furnace, therefore slightly more efficient. Has internal hopper fifos for input, output, and fuel (two stacks each). Two auxiliary slots (storage tray). Keeps inventory when relocated. Crafted with one cobblestone furnace, one hopper, and seven metal plates. Increased smelting speed when a IE external heater is placed in a aux slot.
  • Small electrical furnace: Pass-through electrical furnace. Can pull items out input side inventories, inserts items into inventories at the output side. Internal fifo slots. Automatically bypasses items that cannot be cooked or smelted. Electrical RF/FE power can be applied on all sides. Items can be inserted or drawn from all sides (e.g. with filtered hopper or whatever). Fits ideally into a conveyor belt line/lane. Consumption and efficiency tunable via config.
  • Rebar (steel) reinforced concrete: Expensive but creeper-proof. Crafted 3x3 from four concrete blocks and five steel rods. Texture design oriented at the IE concrete, slightly darker, eight (position dependent) random texture variations with rust traces. Also as stairs with the usual stairs recipe, and as tile, crafted 2x2 with four rebar concrete blocks.
  • Concrete wall and rebar concrete wall: Solid barrier design walls (not like vanilla walls). Crafted 3x3 with six blocks (the usual wall-recipe).
  • Clinker bricks: Slightly darker and more colorful version of the vanilla brick block. Eight position dependent texture variations are implemented to make the wall look more "alive". Crafted 3x3 with a brick block in the centre and any combination of bricks and nether bricks around (actually, anything where the ore dictionary says it's a "brick ingot"). Higher explosion resistance than the vanilla brick wall. Also available as stairs, and wall, crafted as usual. There is a reverse recipe to get three clinker brick blocks back from four stairs.
  • Slag bricks: Gray-brownish brick, also eight texture variations. Crafted 3x3 from slag in the centre and any kind of bricks ("brick ingot") around. Has a higher explosion resistance than the vanilla brick wall. Also available stairs and wall, also with reverse recipe.
  • Treated wood ladder: Crafted 3x3 with the known ladder pattern, items are treated wood sticks. Climbing is faster than vanilla ladders when looking up/down while climbing/descending.

  • Metal rung ladder: Industrial wall-fixed ladder with horizontal bent rods. Crafted 3x3 with five iron or steel rods in a "U" pattern. Also slight climbing speed boost.
  • Staggered metal steps: Industrial wall-fixed sparse ladder with steps in a zip pattern. Crafted 3x3 with six iron or steel rods in a zip pattern. Also with speed boost.
  • Panzer glass: Reinforced, dark gray tinted glass block. Explosion-proof, expensive. Faint structural lines are visible, multiple texture variations for seemless look. Crafted 3x3 with four metal rods, four glass blocks, and one diamond.
  • Treated wood table: Four leg table made of treated wood. Crafted 3x3 with three treated wood slabs and four treated wood poles. Guess the pattern.
  • Treated wood stool: Simple decorative stool. Crafted 3x3 with three treated wood slabs and one wood pole. You can sit on it, and so can zombies, skellies, and friends.
  • Windows: Treated wood and steel framed variant, tripple glazed glass. Well isolating. Can also be placed as roof lights. They intentionally do not cross-connect like glass panes.
  • Treated wood windowsill: Decorative block, not a shelf.
  • Treated wood pole: Pole fragment that can be placed in all directions. It does intentionally not connect to posts, fences, etc - just a straight pole. Can be used e.g. for structural support or wire relay post, where the height of the IE wire posts does not match. Foot and head pieces available. Crafted 3x3 with two treated wood planks and one slab.
  • Thin and thick steel support poles: Hollow steel pole fragments, can be placed in all directions. Also with head/food end components. Thin poles crafted 3x3 from three steel ingots (output 12), thick poles crafted 3x3 from six thin steel poles.
  • Double-T steel support: Horizontal top-aligned support beam, placed in the direction you look. Auto connects to adjacent beams if facing towards them. Auto connects to steel poles underneath. Crafted 3x3 from thin steel poles in a T-shape (output: 6 beams).
  • Inset spot light: Small metal framed glowstone based light source for ceiling, wall, or floor. Light level like a torch. Thin, hence not blocking the way. Allows illuminating places where electrical light installations are problematic.
  • Fluid pipe valves: IE fluid pipe styled straight valves conducting fluids only in one direction. There is one check valve without redstone control, one "digital" (on-off) redstone controlled valve, and one analog redstone controlled valve (more power, higher flow rate). The basic check valve is crafted from 3x3 from three fluid pipes, the redstone controlled valves based on the check valve.
  • Passive fluid accumulator: Block with one output and five input sides, that draws fluids out of adjacent tanks when a pump drains fluid from the output port. Implicit round-robin balanced drain from adjacent blocks. Random initial fluid drip-in to allow pumps to detect that fluids can be drained. The accumulator has a vacuum suction delay.
  • Small waste incinerator: Delayed, FiFo buffered ("forgiving") item trash. Has sixteen FiFo slots that are shifted when new items are inserted from any side. If no slot is free, then the oldest stack will be disposed. Works without electrical RF power, but is faster when power is applied. The GUI allows to save items that were accidentally shifted into the block.
  • Factory dropper: Dropper with GUI configurable drop force, direction, stack size, trigger cool-down delay, and trigger logic. Three trigger slots ("filter slots") can be used as internal trigger. They emit an internal signal if their item is found in in the dropper inventory (also at least the stack size of a trigger slot). Internal triggers can be combined with the external redstone signal trigger using logical AND or OR gates. If internal triggers match, the dropper will spit out exactly the stacks in these slots. That allows to drop e.g. always nine lapis, redstone, nuggets, etc on a conveyor to feed a compression metal press - instantly and automatically after nine of these items have been inserted into the dropper.
  • Industrial signs: "Danger", "electrical hazard", etc.

More to come slowly but steadily.


Mod pack integration, forking, back ports, bug reports, testing

  • Packs: If your mod pack is open source as well and has no installer, you don't need to ask and simply integrate this mod.
  • Bug reports: Yes, please let me know. Drop a mail or better open an issue for the repository.
  • Pull requests: Happily accepted. Please make sure that use the develop branch for pull requests. The master branch is for release versions only. I might merge the pull request locally if I'm ahead of the github repository, we will communicate this in the pull request thread then.
  • The mod config has an "include testing features" option. Enabling this causes blocks under development to be registered as well.

Community references

Mods covering similar features, or may fit well together with IE and the decorations of this mod:

  • Immersive Engineering: Without IE, my little mod here does not make much sense ;). It works without IE, but some blocks are not craftable - and where's the point?
  • Engineer's doors has brilliant doors, trapdoors, and fence doors, all made of the IE materials.
  • Dirty Bricks applies position dependent variations to the vanilla bricks, similar to the clinkers and slag bricks in this mod.
  • Chisel needless to say, Chisel has a variety of factory blocks.
  • Immersive Petroleum has asphalt concrete that fits brilliantly for floors.
  • Immersive Posts helps you quickly building IE style wire posts with flexible height and branching.






Lab furnace GUI











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