This mod brings the Runelic font to Minecraft! This font is compatible with any text that allows custom styles including signs, books, name tags, and item tooltips. It can also be used with a good number of mods such as the Tips mod.



The Runelic font substitutes commonly used characters with runic symbols and designs. Runelic text can be consistently translated back into their standard counterparts if you know how characters are substituted. All upper and lower case characters share the same designs. While some designs draw inspiration from real world language and culture any associations or symbolism between the characters are incidental.

The Runelic character set currently supports the following characters.

  • Standard 26 Latin alphabet (upper and lower)
  • 1234567890
  • !"#$%&'()*+,0-./


Signs showing all of the runelic glyphs and the characters they substitute.

Banner Patterns

The Runelic mod also includes banner patterns for all 50+ characters added by the font. Players can apply these patterns to their banners by using a Runelic banner stencil item obtained from wandering traders. These patterns provide players with a unique and mystical way to express themselves.

Runelic banner patterns.

Usage Guide

Vanilla Commands & NBT

Vanilla commands that allow specifying raw text components can use Runelic by specifying the font ID in the properties of the text. The give command and title command are examples of vanilla commands that allow this.

  • /give @p stone{display:{Name:"[{\"text\":\"Hello\",\"italic\":false,\"color\":\"gold\",\"font\":\"runelic:runelic\"}]"}} 1
  • /title @a title {"text":"Hello","font":"runelic:runelic"}

Bookshelf Commands

This mod has a dependency on Bookshelf which offers servers with a number of useful font related commands. These commands will work for Runelic and all other fonts you have installed.

  • /bookshelf font say runelic:runelic  - Posts a chat message using the font.
  • /bookshelf font item runelic:runelic - Applies the font to the name of the held item.
  • /bookshelf font book runelic:runelic - Applies the font to the name of a held book and all of the book pages.
  • /bookshelf font block runelic:runelic x y z - Applies the font to a block entity. Works with signs and nameable blocks like chests.

Code / Modding

If you are developing a mod or have access to code/scripting tools you can apply the font to any mutable text component. This is done by setting the font on the style of the component. You can find an example of how I do this in my mods here.



The Runelic font and character set is provided with all rights reserved. Projects that have a soft or hard dependency on this mod may use Runelic designs in screenshots, custom assets, character designs, and promotional material. Third paty videos, blogs, articles, showcases, and commentary may also use Runelic in their promotional material and coverage of the project.


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