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This mod allows the Runelic font to be used in Minecraft. Virtually any text can have the font applied, including signs, books, name tags, and item tooltips.



Runelic is a character set which substitutes commonly used characters with runic symbols and designs. The runic symbols can be consistently translated back into their common counterparts. Uppercase and lowercase characters share the same designs. While some designs draw inspiration from real world language and symbolism any associations between Runelic designs and other characters are incidental.


Currently supported characters include ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 !"#$%&'()*+,-./


User Guide



If this mod is installed on a Forge server you will be able to use some custom commands to help you use this mod. These commands can also be used in single player if the mod is installed.


  • /runelic say - Posts a message in chat with the Runelic font. All players can use this command. The plaintext version is logged in the server console.
  • /runelic hand - Renames the held item with Runelic. Limited to lvl 2 ops.
  • /runelic book (encode|decode) - Rewrites a held book to use Runelic. Can also turn Runelic books into plaintext books. Limited to lvl 2 ops.
  • /runelic tile (encode|decode) <pos> - Rewrites a tile entity such as a sign to use Runelic. Limited to lvl 2 ops.



If you're developing a mod or have access to code/scripting tools you can apply runelic to an ITextComponent by modifying the style of the component.


// MCP names not yet available
// func_240703_c_ = setStyle
// func_240719_a_ = setFontId
IFormattableTextComponent text = new StringTextComponent("Hello World");
text.func_240703_c_(text.getStyle().func_240719_a_(new ResourceLocation("runelic", "runelic")));


Vanilla Commands & NBT

Any vanilla command which allows you to specify a text component can use Runelic by defining the font ID in the text properties. For example it can be used in the give command, or in the title command.


/give @p stone{display:{Name:"[{\"text\":\"Hello\",\"italic\":false,\"color\":\"gold\",\"font\":\"runelic:runelic\"}]"}} 1

/title @a title {"text":"Hello","font":"runelic:runelic"}


Credits & Permissions

The Runelic font and character set was created by Tyler Hancock (Darkhax) and is all rights reserved. Projects which have a soft or hard software dependency on the mod may use Runelic designs in screenshots, custom assets, character designs, and promotional material. 3rd party videos/blogs/articles/showcases may also use Runelic in their promotional material and coverage of projects which have a hard or soft software dependency on Runelic.