Paintings ++

Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2


Oct 10, 2016

Owner: senpaisubaraki

Paintings ++


/!\ Important !

Upcoming Feature :


Thanks to MurphyChaos , who is a new member on the team, Json based painting template configurations will be a thing !

This means YOU can make your own template if you want to ! The json supports a rude format of 'visual layout' that will allow you to organize and define your template.


Click HERE for more info on the paintings mod (sizes, templates, ...)

and HERE to see a sample of what the Json format looks like


What it does
Paintings++ is a mod that allows you to add more paintings to the game !
Customizable with up to 4 templates,with a range from 70 to over 300 new paintings !

Has a great compatibility with the Painting Selection GUI !
Select the paintings you want to place down with a cool interface !

Art Files
If you do not feel like drawing your own art files, you can choose some made by other users here
Or you could enjoy Hadan's pre-made resourcepack file! Download it here (instructions included in the link)  

How to add your own files to the mod  
1. Make a zip file in which you will put the folder assets/subaraki/art.
    * your .png goes in art folder
    * art folder goes in subaraki folder.
    * subaraki folder goes in assets folder,
    * assets goes in the zip file.
        * gibea.png for the gibea version
        * insane.png for insane version
        * newInsane.png for the organized insane version
        * sphax.png for the sphax version
        * tiny.png for tinypics version
2. The zip file goes in the resourcepack folder.  
3. Need higher resolution ?  
    * how to resize in photoshop
    * how to resize in gimp

any bigger sizes then the originals are supposed to work.  

Configuration Options  
in your .minecraft folder in %appdata%, there's a folder called 'config'. Look for the morepaintings.cfg or paintings++.cfg

if both are present (or none) delete them(if any), and (re)start your game

in there, you will be able to pick which version you want to use.



Has Great Compatibility with

PSG Revamped : painting-selection-gui-revamped