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This is the Forge Version

A Fabric Version exists as well

Welcome to Paintings++ ! is out and in beta version for 1.14.4 ! 

1.14.4 allows us finally to use individual images as paintings ! Off course Paintings++ directly jumped on the opportunity to enable you to as much paintings as you'd like !

What does Paintings++ Exactly do ?

Add All the Paintings you'd like !

Paintings++ was made long ago in legacy of the then discontinued MorePaintings mod. 
The main goal for Paintings++ has always been the addition of as much Paintings to the game as we could !  
1.14.4 allows for just that.


Select a Painting of Your Choice with the Click of Your Mouse !

Somewhere near 1.6.4 , Davidee (David Goldman) and I started working together to make both my Paintings++ and his Painting Selection Gui compatible. Davidee quit the modding scene later that year and
let me his mod. It is with a tear in my eye that I have to admit that 1.14.4 needed a complete rewrite of his code, and the legacy code that had been up and around till 1.12.2 had to go. Thank you for the
inspiration and good times Davidee ! You will always be a very important part in the history of Paintings++ !! 
Painting Selection Gui has now been officially and fully integrated into Paintings++ and all code has been written by me. 

So apart from adding lots of Paintings to your game, you can Select Them With a Simple Click of a Button ! 

Adding Paintings to your game

For info on how to add paintings before 1.14, check out the code repository. there's a ReadMe on art templates

for 1.14.4 :

You will need

a)  ResourcePack with all your art images !
b) a JSON to place in a new folder generated by the mod
1.17 : The json doesn't have to be manually placed in the folder anymore. it just needs to be present in your resourcepack.

Step one : Start up the game at least once to generate a folder called 'paintings' with a base json inside. 

Making your ResourcePack

Step 2 : Read up on how to make a ResourcePack

  • Your resourcepack's folder structure will look like this :
       * assets/paintings/textures/painting

in the painting folder you will put all of your individual png files.
/!\ make sure your images are multiples of 16 in size.

Do not forget your pack.mcmeta !!
For extra fancy effect, also do not forget your pack.png !!

Making your JSON painting register

make a json file with the following structure: 


You can use a JSON Parser to check if your file doesn't contain any errors.  

Please note that
- Every Entry is One Painting
- "name" is the name of your image file . In the example, we have a picture called lagune.png in our ResourcePack
- you can either use "x" and "y" to define the shape of the Painting.
- or you can use "square" to define a square shape for square paintings

To Finish Up :

  • Dump your ResourcePack in the resourcepack folder
  • Dump your json in the paintings folder (the one next to the resourcepack folder, in your minecraft installation directory) 1.17 : put your json file in your resourcepack folder ! No need to manually place it in the folder anymore.

Start the game again ,and heave ho, if you did everything correct, your paintings are there !!

Painting Resource Packs

Have you made a pack ? Want to share it with the world ? Post a resourcepack on curseforge
You can always pm me, or put the link in the comments and I will feature your Pack on here !

Baroque Pack

note : this pack is currently presenting issues. Made by xDonnervogelx

Oliver Remund Painting Pack

Painting Pack made by Subaraki (myself) with an agreement of the artist Oliver Remund himself.

Check out Remund's website for the original art !

want your pack featured ? comment a link or pm me !

Join the discord for all your questions


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