Valhelsia 6 for Minecraft 1.20.1 offers something for every Minecraft player, no matter your play style. Builders will love the huge selection of gorgeous decorative blocks to expand the palette they can work with. Engineers and technical players have access to powerful automation and machinery. Adventurers will find plenty of structures to discover throughout the world, plentiful caves and underground dungeons, and even more when traveling into other dimensions or planets. You might even find some rare artifacts!


Join us on our Discord server to get the latest news, changelog and to get support if you have any problems. We also have an extremely active chat channel and an image gallery submitted by members of the community.

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Explore breathtaking new biomes with Biomes O' Plenty, as well as underground biomes from Galosphere and enjoy enhanced end from Enlightend. Embark on an adventure into mysterious and dangerous new dimensions from Deeper and Darker, The Twilight Forest, The Undergarden and blast off on a rocket to explore new planets from Ad Astra.


You have the soul of an engineer deep inside you and would like to establish a fully automated factory for manufacturing items or develop a mining machine? In this case, our modpack contains everything you need via Create and PneumaticCraft: Repressurized.


Challenge new mobs and bosses introduced by Alex's Mobs and Aquamirae, alongside the ones brought by the new dimensions. Prepare delicious dishes from Farmer's Delight to ensure you never have to face battles on an empty stomach.


Learn the art to craft your own spells, create magical artifacts, perform rituals, and much more via mods such as Ars Nouveau.


House, castle, factory, or space station? With Valhelsia 6, your imagination knows no bounds. Explore a wide range of new blocks in different materials and colour palettes to enhance your builds and improve the surrounding landscape. Adorn your home using Supplementaries and our own mod, Valhelsia Furniture.


Valhelsia 6 includes two shader packs: Complementary Shaders and an modified version specially designed for Valhelsia to ensure compatibility with mods. These packs enhance visuals with realistic lighting, shadows, and vibrant colors for a stunning Minecraft experience. The modpack also includes Xali's resource packs, adding block transitions and leaf improvements while maintaining the vanilla Minecraft vibe.


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