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Transport is combined mod for all of my ideas having to deal with Minecarts/Boats. Right now the mod supports a few additional minecart tracks and loaders, the plan is to not only expand that, but add trains, cart linking, automated boats, and even further ideas as such horse paths, submarines and more.


This mod is meant to include my further ideas such as Vehicular Engineering, OpenTransport, Magical Railways and other mods that I had, without things turning into 20 mods.


There are current two sets of features implemented.

Rails: Holding, Diamond Crossing, Elevator Switch, Scaffolding Rail

Loaders: Inventory, Forge Energy, Fluid Tank

Carts: Inventory, Forge Energy, Fluid Tank


With Loaders they start off as having no inputs or export sides. Using any item marked with a tag of "forge:wrenches" (Note this defaults to a stick), you can configure the sides to either be inputs or outputs. The sides support both Blocks and Entities (Players included).

Join us in Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/0h9DNazfyABqZMeC