5,108,570 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 8, 2021 Game Version: 1.15.2


Tetra revolves around modular items and attemps to blend it together with other concepts such as adventure and technology.


Note: Tetra for 1.14+ uses the mGui library, if you're not using the curse client you'll have to install that manually.


Getting Started

  1. 1. Craft a mallet using two sticks and two planks
    2. Craft and place a vanilla crafting table
    3. Right click the table with the mallet to upgrade it into a workbench
    4. Craft a vanilla weapon, tool shield or a bow and place it in the workbench
  2. Check the advancements window to learn how to progress further


Modular Items

Tetra allows you to replace parts of items with different parts of different types and materials, some parts can also be improved. Which parts you may use is limited by the items capacity, called integrity. Some parts increase an items integrity while some parts has an integrity cost. Some parts require tools of differing quality to craft.

Currently the following modular items are available:

  • swords
  • toolbelts
  • double headed implements (axes, pickaxes, hammers etc)
  • single headed implements (shovels, tridents, spears etc)
  • bows
  • shields
  • crossbows (WIP)



Content can be added, changed or removed from tetra using datapacks, go here for more information: https://github.com/mickelus/tetra/wiki/


Mod compatibility

Tetra supports usage of a few materials added by other mods, since tetra uses item tags (or the ore dictionary before 1.14) it's difficult to say exactly which mods are supported. Enchantments from several mods are also supported from 1.14 and forward.
The following non-vanilla materials are supported in 1.16:


* dragon_bone
* wither_bone


* hemp
* mana_string


* agate
* amethyst
* certus_quartz
* citrine
* ruby
* sapphire
* serendibite


* bronze
* copper
* electrum
* elementium
* infused_iron
* lead
* manasteel
* nickel
* osmium
* silver
* sky
* steel
* terrasteel
* tin


* ancient_wood
* baobab
* cherry
* dreamwood
* livingwood
* maple
* treated_wood

Any mod that adds one of those and tags them correctly would make them available for use in tetra. In 1.12 tetra also supports some materials from thaumcraft and twilight forest.



I've set up a discord server to talk about tetra: https://discord.gg/MyjK4Fx, jump on if you have questions, need some help, want talk about datapacks or to get sneak-peeks at upcoming features.


Support and Contributions

I develop and maintain tetra in my spare time, if you enjoy what you've seen so far and want to help me make it better please consider supporting me on patreon.


I've got some stuff that I could use some help with. If you're good with pixel art or would like to help out with some programming, please poke me on discord!



Vallen has a nice bit-by-bit series on tetra available on youtube, check it out!