Archer's Paradox

2,918 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 1, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4

Adds a bunch of new Arrows (with archery themed objects on the way), appropriate for both vanilla and modded gameplay. Various properties for all of these can be configured in the archers_paradox-server.toml file which is unique to each world/server. (Sorry, this is a new thing with Forge in 1.14.)
If you have comments or questions, drop by our Discord: CoFH Discord
Here's an overview of the arrows currently added by the mod with their descriptions (which can show in-game, if configured to in CoFH Core):

Diamond: 2x Damage, +1 Pierce, +1 Knockback
Prismarine: No water slowdown; reduced gravity in water.
Quartz: 1.25x Damage, +1 Knockback

Blaze: Burns target and ignites radius around it.
Frost: Chills target and freezes area around it.
Lightning: Calls down a lightning bolt, if it hits outside.

Ender: Teleports player to location; or swaps places with the target.
Explosive: This one is obvious.
Phantasmal: Flies through blocks, unlimited pierce, ignores gravity and armor. Glows.
Shulker: Homes in on a target; levitation status effect.
Slime: Ricochets and has lots of Knockback. (A personal favorite.)

Spore: Transforms Dirt and Grass into Mycelium in an area.
Verdant: Transforms Dirt into Grass in an area. Also grows crops/plants.

Training: No damage, stacks a "Hit Streak" effect. Advancements (NYI). Distance matters!
Challenge: No damage, stacks "Archer's Gambit" effect. XP for maintaining hit streak. Distance matters!

There is one creative tab, currently with only the arrows. More content (quivers, archery-themed blocks, etc) on the way!
Creative Tab - 0.1.0a
For those of you who may recognize some of these icons from another archery themed mod - Bullseye - Forstride has very graciously given me permission to carry the quiver forward as it were.
And frankly, we had a lot of similar ideas (although mechanically different execution) and Bullseye has excellent artwork that deserves to live on in 1.14+.