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Minecraft mod for 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18 and 1.19 - a mod similar to the famous "Carpenter's Blocks" mod for 1.7.10 by MinesHopper

NOTE: I can't work on the mod right now due to huge stress in my studies

This mod is only available for forge!

This mod adds coverable blocks (namely frames and illusion blocks), that take on the texture of the block they contain. Currently, that works for most blocks from Vanilla Minecraft and also for many blocks from other mods. Especially, Blockcarpentry adds normal cubes, stairs, slabs, doors, trapdoors, pressure plates, buttons, fences, fence gates, walls, beds and chests. More blocks are planned.


Place blocks from BlockCarpentry and right-click them with some solid block, and they will change their appearance:



 Here you can see some pictures, of what this mod also does:

 You can right-click a block with glowstone dust or coal/charcoal to increase its lightlevel. Glowstone dust increases the lightlevel by 3, while coal/charcoal only increases it by 1:


You can also right click frame blocks with grass (2 overlays), snowballs (2 overlays), vines (1 overlay) or gunpowder (5 overlays) to apply overlays. In the following screenshot you can see all 10 possible overlays:


Blocks with transparent parts (doors and trapdoors) and blocks with wool-like parts (currently only beds) can be dyed using vanilla dye:


There are a plenty of more features to discover and I've many things planned to do, so please be patient.


Usages of BlockCarpentry Tools

There are four tools: hammer, chisel, paintbrush and a "texture wrench". Click on the spoiler to see what they do.

The hammer is used to remove blocks from frame and illusion blocks. If you want to retrieve a block that was stored in a frame block, you can either break said frame block or use the hammer. You can also enable an easier way of removing a block from a frame (i.e. when right-clicking the block with an empty hand) by changing the corresponding config file value

Use the chisel for alternate designs - this currently works only for some blocks like doors, trapdoors, fences, fence gates, chests, beds and walls:

Some designs add small accessoires like door knobs or handles. When you use the paintbrush, you can toggle their color:

Lastly, the texture wrench is used to toggle between textures, when a block has different textures on each face. For example, planks have the same texture on all six faces, logs have two different textures (bark-like textures on the side faces and year-ring-like textures on the top and bottom face) and smokers have four different textures. Right click a block to change its texture:


Crafting recipes

You can also find all recipes in the vanilla recipe book or in JEI

First, you need to craft frames from eight vanilla scaffoldings.

First, you need to craft frames from eight scaffolding blocks

After that, you can craft stairs, slabs, buttons, etc. by using those frame blocks.

Also, you can place unnecessarily remaining items back in the crafting grid to get the full amount of frames back:

 Feel free to experiment! You can also send me improvement ideas by writing a nice comment, and if I like the idea, I'll surely implement them :)


Difference between illusion blocks and frame blocks

Unlike frame blocks, illusion blocks take the model of a block, i.e. they have the same texture on the corresponding sides (e.g. when you right-click one of them with a furnace, it shows the furnace model with the furnace front, sides and top). Again, the difference between illusion blocks and frame blocks: Illusion blocks take the model of the contained block (top faces stay top faces, same for bottom and sides), but frame blocks take the texture of one of these faces for all sides - you can change this by right-clicking the block with a texture wrench.


On the left side you can see a normal frame block and a frame slab, right next to them are two illusion blocks (they look like frame blocks with slime-like textures on the inside)


As you can see below, right-clicking both frame and illusion blocks with crafting tables results in different outcomes: 


Short summary

  1. 1. You can cover a block by simply right-clicking it with the right block. This block should be a block with static models (e.g. not chests, because they move their lids)
    1. 2. For blocks with different textures (e.g. the crafting table or bookshelves), you can use the texture wrench (stupid name, but I couldn't think of a better name) and right-click the frame/illusion block to switch between the textures of the block
    2. 3. For some blocks, you can choose different designs by right-clicking them with the chisel. These designs include different optical enhancements such as door knobs, different windows (doors and trapdoors only). (WIP)
    3. 4. If you've chosen a design, you can toggle between some textures (e.g., for the doorknob you can choose obsidian, stone, iron block, gold block, and oak planks) using the paintbrush. Again, this is just for cosmetic purposes and does not change the behaviour of the block. (WIP)
    4. 5. You can right-click any frame or illusion block with glowstone dust or coal/charcoal to increase its lightlevel. Glowstone dust increases the emitted lightlevel by 3, while coal or charcoal only increase it by 1. BUT BEWARE, you wont get glowstone dust or coal back, when you break the block!
    5. 6. You can right-click any "filled" frame or illusion block with the hammer to remove the block stored inside. You can also enable the feature to remove blocks by sneaking and right-clicking the frame or illusion block with an empty hand (this can be enabled in the config file)
    6. 7. For doors and trapdoors with glass design, you can right-click it with vanilla dye to change its glass color. Also, you can change the pillow/blanket color from beds by right-clicking them with vanilla dye.
    7. 8. You can activate certain overlays by right-clicking the "filled" frame/illusion block with some vanilla items like grass (activates both normal and large grass overlay), snowball (activates both normal and small snow overlay), vines (activates vine overlay) and gunpowder (activates different "brick overlays")
    8. 9. I can't think of any more functionality...
  2. Have fun and best regards,
  3. PianoManu

Special Thanks and Top Contributors:

WenXin20 (many tests and bug reports, helped me a lot)

kevinggg1 (contributed translations and feedback)

KiroTheBlueFox (contributed translations and showed me some tricks)


Need some help installing the mod?

Watch this video by CraftStones on how to install BlockCarpentry:



Language files created by:

PianoManu (english, german)

Mikeliro (brazilian portuguese)

kevinggg1 (spanish (spain, argentina))

KiroTheBlueFox (french)

torrtoise (swedish)

pgkrol (russian)

--- feel free to contribute a translation into your language



Note: this mod is intended as a successor to the famous Carpenter'sBlocks mod by MinesHopper. Since said mod is only available for minecraft 1.6.4 and 1.7.10, I've made this mod completely from the scratch (no copy-paste, that would not even be possible), but the idea belongs to MinesHopper. So go and give him some love!


Note 2: This mod is dedicated to the living God and His son, Jesus. Without His support, I would never have had enough strength and perseverance to get this project working and publish it. Learn to hear His voice, it will transform your life. (Based on a quote from Covert_Jaguar, creator of RailCraft)


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