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Pack Menu allows the user to change the way the Minecraft Main Menu looks.  It was developed as a replacement to Custom Main Menu in Minecraft 1.14+.

Pack Menu has the following features:

  • Changing the background image of the Main Menu
  • Rearranging or disabling any menu elements, such as the title image, splash text, and the panorama fade.
  • Creation of custom buttons, and through that, the ability to completely overhaul the buttons on the menu. Buttons are created using JSON files, with the defaults shipped with the provided resource pack.
  • Display of a custom logo separate from the background. This logo can have splash text attached to it, and can draw from a custom splash text list instead of the defaults.
    Creation of a custom background slideshow, using any number of images.
  • Creation of a custom panorama by overriding the vanilla panorama assets.

PackMenu uses a resource pack to load its textures.  This resource pack is located at <gamedir>/packmenu/, or at <gamedir>/packmenu/resources (as a folder) if enabled in the config.

This means you can also use PackMenu to load any assets that your modpack may require for any reason.

Please note that when asked for a "Resource Path", packmenu requires them in the vanilla resource format. Do not put absolute paths into these areas, and do not attempt to access assets that are not loaded as part of a resource pack.

For reference, this is how resource transformation works:  The resource path minecraft:textures/gui/background.png translates to (in the resource zip) assets\minecraft\textures\gui\background.png.

Finally, PackMenu does not re-ship any vanilla assets.  This means that you will not find any vanilla assets inside the defaultly generated packmenu zip.  A list of common resource paths is provided below.

Important Resource Paths (for overriding things):

  • The location of the Custom Background Image is packmenu:textures/gui/background.png.  This image should be 1920x1080.
  • Buttons, by default, use the texture sheet minecraft:textures/gui/widgets.png.
    • However, this is used by non-main menu buttons, so overriding it is not advisable.  Instead, you can point buttons at packmenu's copy of that file: packmenu:textures/gui/widgets.png and override that one.
  • Buttons are loaded from packmenu:buttons/. Any json files in this directory will be treated as if it were a button (similar to advancements or recipes, but in this directory). More information about buttons, including the JSON specification, is available on the wiki.
  • The path of the Minecraft Title Texture is minecraft:textures/gui/title/minecraft.png
  • The path of the Java Edition Texture is minecraft:textures/gui/title/edition.png