Inventory Sorter


Some simple inventory sorting tweaks. Middle click sorts, mousewheel in and out of inventory one item at a time.


Quick note: the default keybindings for the mousewheel actions *are* the wheel. If you set them to something else, just reset to recover the wheel operation.


Version 1.13 command:

New command added in 1.13:

/inventorysorter <arg>

It interacts with the last container you middle click sorted (or attempted to), to allow you to manipulate the container blacklist. These are containers that don't respect middleclick sorting for one reason or another (typically where a special slot containing a special item is not properly marked read only, allowing for it to be duped instead).


* bladd: adds the last container to the blacklist

* blremove: removes the last container from the blacklist

* show: shows the last container sorted

* list: shows the list of blacklisted containers