Macaw's Roofs

149,275 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 11, 2020 Game Version: Forge

About Macaw's Roofs 1.0.2

Do you ever wanted to build a roof with actual roofs instead of stair blocks? Well if yes then you came to the right place!
Macaw's Roofs mod includes about 200 types of new stuff : Inner and Outer 1:1 Corners, Roof, Steep Roof, Lower Roof and a lot more!

They come in all log and plank variations as well as 5 other color variations, also Rain Gutters!
And last but not least Striped Awnings and Attic Window roofs!

You can craft them in vanilla, with really simple recipes! In the future updates I plan to add new types of roofs and a TON of variations (colors..).

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