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MythicBotany is a mod that expands botania a little bit. Some of its features are listed below:

  • The mana infuser: An upgrade to the terrestrial agglommeration plate that requires gold an shimmerrock underneath and besides Terrasteel allows to create Alfsteel.
  • Alfsteel: Made like Terrasteel but with alfheim resources. Can be used to create a better armor, pylons and other things.
  • Some new flowers:
  • Wither Aconite: Creates Mana from nether stars
  • Exoblaze: Fills the fuel of brewing stands with mana
  • Hellebore: Stops piglins and hoglins from zombifying in the overworld
  • Aquapanthus: Fills petal apothecaries and cauldrons nearby.
  • Raindeletia: Creates mana when it's raining. Must have a clear view to the sky. Place it on vivid grass or enchanted soil to make it produce more mana.
  •  It also adds an alfheim dimension and some content from the norse mythology

Everything can also be found in the lexica botania.

To further improve the alfheim dimension, check out Feywild, a land of magic and fey. It adds a config option that its features spawn inside the Alfheim dimension which can greatly improve alfheim and make it even more worth travelling there.

If you prefer a video showcasing the features of MythicBotany: AA Gaming made a very good and detailed mod showcase: