Forbidden and Arcanus

7,451,443 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 3, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.4



To get started with the Mod simply create a new World and then go mining. In the Underground you can find 3 new Ores wich are used for most Things that are currently in the mod!


Java encoding created by Stal.

Pixel art and 3d models created by CesarZorak.


<<Check out our Wiki for explanations on what each thing in the mod does!>>



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 Future Concepts (All calmly):

New Objects: [Tools, Weapons, Armor, Trinckets, etc.]

New Mobs: [Arcane creatures, and not so arcane]
New Bosses: [Scale of various difficulties, with rewards and collectible prizes]
New Pets: [You can level up your pet] 



 Modpacks license and permission:



-Re-upload the mod / data pack file on other websites, if so, first ask CesarZorak or Stal.

-Claim ownership of this mod / data pack file.

-You can share the original location to download this mod / data pack file.
-Report errors or problems with the mod / data pack file.
-Credits by CesarZorak & Stal.
-Use this mod / data pack file on your world / server (mentioning link to download this mod / data pack file).
-You can make incredible videos of this mod / data pack without needing permission!


If you would like to help us translate Forbidden & Arcanus into other languages, please fork the project, and create a pull request here!



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