Forbidden and Arcanus

1,156,312 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 16, 2020 Game Version: 1.14.4


Forbidden & Arcanus adds new magic themed Content.



To get started with the Mod simply create a new World and then go mining. In the Underground you can find 3 new Ores wich are used for most Things that are currently in the mod!

<<Check out our Wiki for explanations on what each thing in the mod does!>>





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In 1.16.x once it comes out, we will concentrate on this version, and we will concentrate on stabilizing it as well as possible.
In Verse 1.16.x the '' Forbiddenmicon '' (Forbidden and Arcanus Guide) will be added.



 Future Concepts (All calmly):

New Objects: [Tools, Weapons, Armor, Trinckets, etc.]

New Mobs: [Arcane creatures, and not so arcane]
New Bosses: [Scale of various difficulties, with rewards and collectible prizes]
New Pets: [You can level up your pet] 










If you would like to help us translate Forbidden & Arcanus into other languages, please fork the project, and create a pull request here!









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