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Forbidden and Arcanus



Welcome to: Forbidden and Arcanus.
Full of magical content, and beautiful textures!

A mod inspired by Roleplaying Games, Fantasy and Supernatural, Magic and the Occult, Mythologies and Legends, with references to Thaumcraft, all of this implemented in an organic and natural way. We try to make your game experience enjoyable, and you can improve your level as your equipment improves in a balanced way.
Enjoy squeezing everything that Forbidden can offer you [remember that we constantly try to improve your experience, we continually update the mod, to solve bugs, or add more content. Don't be surprised if you see a UFO!].
Above all have fun!


  • Create various rituals in Hephaestus Forge, and upgrade the tier of your Hephaestus Forge.
  • Upgrade your weapons and tools to get stronger than ever before!
  • Explore and mine to find new materials.
  • New items and trinkets with unique characteristics.
  • Smelt ores in the Clibano and have a chance to double your ingots with the help of souls.
  • You can configure most things in the mod with the help of Datapacks or Configs.

And many other things...

We are currently working on new rituals to summon mobs, corruption that spreads in your world, spells, curses, and boss and mini-boss battles.


For these Clips the Create mod was used:

Invocation of Hephaestus Forge:


Invocation of Arcane Crystal Obelisk [unlimited aureal]:



đź’ť DEAR PATREONS đź’ť 

  • Jean [Arcane Sorcerer]
  • Aegis [Arcane Sorcerer]
  • Erik Hartleben [Golden Fighter]
  • Scott Jangro [Silver Blacksmith]

    Remember that you can support us on the official Patreon of Mandala's Creations, where you will find information on upcoming updates,
    this helps us bring you the best possible quality.