The Mighty Architect

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This client-side Tool allows you to quickly establish a building from a specified set of rooms and features. It decorates and surrounds the ground plan you draw with walls, towers, roofing and more. Afterwards you choose a material palette to be used in the final schematic produced.

    Press [G] to start composing!

With The Mighty Architect a great fraction of the design process gets sped up. I made this tool to allow players to quickly create a large number of schematics for a town or just their base. While the most outstanding features of your build should still be created by yourself, this will help you fill in the gaps with buildings that might not be revolutionary in architecture, yet aesthetically pleasing and surprisingly varied - provided you give it varied Ground Plans to work with.
It shows that the composition of a build is what makes it unique, the rest you can automate just like anything else in this game!





Included Build styles:

Cattingham Palace (0.4.4+)

  • 184 Designs
  • Layers: Foundation, Regular, Arcs
  • Newest Addition - Very detailed, less varied
  • 1.12 Users can download the Theme here. Drop it into <Instance Folder>/themes/



  • 183 Designs
  • Layers: Foundation, Regular, Arcs
  • First Theme. Less detailed, more varied



  • 51 Designs
  • Layers: Foundation, Regular, Special
  • Very simple - No round towers, no gable roofs


Town House

  • 147 Designs
  • Layers: Foundation, Regular
  • Looks great for dense row-housing. Semi-varied.


TMA & Create - A Powerful combination:


Videos on TMA for 1.12.2


Building Gallery

These have been partially generated by the Mod. Find more context on the Image tab.


Thanks for checking in!~

Note that The Mighty Architect is still in beta.


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