Dark Utilities

54,707,677 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 11, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This mod adds many new items and blocks which expand upon the vanilla game and can be very useful in a wide range of circumstances. While the usefulness of some blocks and their mechanics may not be obvious at first everything has it's place. You can learn more about the content in this mod by checking out the wiki. All blocks and items in the mod also have tooltips with a brief summary of what they do. If you have the JEI mod you can look at the uses page in game for an in depth information page similar to what is on the wiki.


This mod requires the Bookshelf library! On 1.16+ you will also need the Runelic mod.


Feature Spotlight

  • Vector Plates - Vector plates are flat rotatable blocks that can push mobs and other entities around. Mobs can spawn on top of them, making them a popular choice in various mob farm designs.
  • Slime Crucible - The slime crucible is a new crafting station that allows you to turn food into slime. It can also be used to craft a variety of slimey items.
  • Ender Hopper - The Ender Hopper can teleport nearby dropped items into a connected inventory block such as a chest.
  • Mob Filters - Mob filters are blocks that have different collision boxes for different types of mobs. For example the hostile mob filter will let hostile mobs move through it but all other mobs will be blocked as if it were solid.
  • Sleep Charm - The sleep charm allows players to instantly sleep in beds without the animation. It will also slowly reduce your insomnia counter to prevent phantom attacks.


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