Miner's Helmet

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A mod that simply adds a helmet with dynamic lighting.

🔦 What is it?

This is a very simple mod that just adds a mining helmet that lights up your way in dark areas such as caves and ravines. Zombies can spawn with Iron Pickaxes, and mining helmets. There’s a config option to disable this.

🧪 Latest Updates

  • The mod now supports Minecraft 1.19!
  • The mobs that spawn as miners is now a tag, #mining_helmet:miner_mobs, and has been expanded to Husks and Zombie Villagers alongside the original Zombie for customizability
  • Added Lucent Support, (see below)!

💡 Try Pairing this mod with Lucent!

Download here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/lucent

Lucent is our open source smooth dynamic lighting mod that will automatically turn the Miner’s Helmet dynamic lighting into a buttery smooth experience! It is not required, however when it is installed it will use that instead. That’ll give you smoother, more performant lighting, and all the other benefits it brings! Here’s a video comparison!

⛏️ Crafting

You will unlock the recipe for the Mining Helmet as soon as you obtain a Lantern. You can craft it as follows:

Light up the deep dark!

Brighten up those dark caverns and rooms in the Ancient City! Warning, this product does not protect you from the Darkness.

Deep Dark

Explore the Nether!

Light your way inside the Nether while trying to find Netherite!


Works well in caves

Use this helmet to light your path in dark areas and caves.


Lights up dark underwater areas

Swim with your mining helmet and light your path through dark trenches.


Mobs can wear (and spawn with) it too!

There’s also a chance for mobs to spawn with a pickaxe in their hands. When you slay them, there’s a chance that they will drop their helmets.


Do you want to be able to explore Minecraft’s vast oceans with ease? Try out our sister mod to Miner’s Helmet called, Scuba Gear! Click here to view the project.

🌐 Translate Miner's Helmet - help break the language barrier!

All translators are credited here that have translated the mod to their native languages. Thanks to OneSkyApp, you can translate easily!


Flag icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

  Afrikaans (South Africa) translations by: Wendigo44
  اللغة العربية (North Africa + Middle East) translations by: Master Z
  Azərbaycanca (Azerbaijan) translations by: Esmira
  Български (Bulgaria) translations by: Assia
  Català (Spain (Catalonia) & Andorra) translations by: Laura P.
  Čeština (Czechia) translations by: Blanka S.
  Cymraeg (Wales) translations by: Fl3x_X_Placid
  Dansk (Denmark) translations by: Louise P.
  Deutsch (Germany) translations by: sigy4444
  Ελληνικά (Greek) translations by: Rain
  English (Canada) translations by: Vamacheron
  English (United Kingdom) translations by: MCVinnyq
  English (New Zealand) translations by: Jesterguy
  Pirate Speak (The Seven Seas) translations by: Phygie
  ɥsᴉꞁᵷuƎ (ɯopᵷuᴉꞰ pǝʇᴉuՈ) translations by: Phygie
  Español (Argentina) translations by: Fernando
  Español (Chile) translations by: Fernando
  Español (Spain) translations by: Minaderm
  Español (Mexico) translations by: Vamacheron
  Español (Venezuela) translations by: Jonathing
  Eesti (Estonia) translations by: Airi W.
  فارسی (Iran) translations by: Adeleh
  Suomi (Finland) translations by: Josasim
  Filipino (Philippines) translations by: Minzhire
  Français (Canada) translations by: Lachney
  Français (France) translations by: Lachney
  Galego (Spain) translations by: Minaderm
  עברית (Israel) translations by: DayColor
  हिन्दी (India) translations by: Obasi, Narayan
  Magyar (Hungary) translations by: Erika N.
  Bahasa (Indonesia) translations by: Sunu S.
  Íslenska (Iceland) translations by: Linda R.
  日本語 (Japan) translations by: Vamacheron
  ಕನ್ನಡ Kannada (India) translations by: Ganesh
  한국어 (South Korea) translations by: Anna K.
  LOLCAT (The Kingdom of Cats) translations by:
  Lietuvių (Lithuania) translations by: Kristina P.
  Latviešu (Latvia) translations by: Andrejs G.
  Македонски (Macedonia) translations by: Milena
  Malay (Malaysia) translations by: Haikal I.
  Vlaams (Belgium) translations by: Sindarin27
  Nederlands (Netherlands) translations by: Sindarin27
  Norsk Nynorsk (Norway) translations by: Marie F.
  Polski translations by: Asher097
  Русский (Russia) translations by: CptIdea
  Slovenščina translations by: Jaka
  Српски translations by: Katarina
  Svenska translations by: Stefan L.
  தமிழ் (Sri Lanka) translations by: Namita
  ภาษาไทย (Thailand) translations by: Supanat T.
  Klingon (Star Trek: the Klingon Empire) translations by: Phygie
  Türkçe (Turkey) translations by: Cem B.
  Українська (Ukraine) translations by: Andrey K.
  Tiếng Việt (Vietnam) translations by: Tien L.
  简体中文 (中国) (China) translations by: 935484425, Gao
  繁體中文 (台灣) (Taiwan) translations by: 礦工頭盔

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