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FastWorkbench Minus Replacement



Based on FastWorkBench


The differences between this and the original mod are


1) This version uses Mixins instead of registry replacement for a more mod friendly, less invasive way of optimizing the crafting table as registry replacement is bad for mod compatibility and modpacks.  And no, despite what the original creator says, RR is *not* needed to let users know that it changes the crafting table.


2) This mod keeps the recipe book intact, there's already enough mods that delete the recipebook if you're looking for a replacement.


3) This mod has out of the box support for all simple modded crafting tables without the need to hard dep on FastWorkBench.




 This mod does a couple things relating to the vanilla workbench so that it runs faster and causes less network traffic. 

Specifically, it caches the last recipe used, and checks this recipe first before re-scanning the entire registry.  This makes shift click crafting operate much faster than before.  It also lowers network traffic by sending a packet only when needed instead of whenever a slot in changed in the crafting grid.  


This mod targets the vanilla crafting table and 2x2 crafting table, but will also optimize simple modded crafting tables if installed along side them with no further effort required on behalf of the user or modder.  In addition, for more complex crafting tables, all they need to do to implement fast crafting is copy or call the 2 methods in MixinHooks.


Now what you might be wondering is why release this at all then?

Doesn't Forge already have this mod?


Well yes, you would be correct, however, it has one major flaw: registry replacement. 



In essence, what registry replacement does is allow a modder to replace any block/item/fluid, etc... in the game and substitute it with their own subclass.


However, there's a few catches.


1) Only one mod can registry replace the same object per pack, if more than one mod attempts to registry replace the same object, the other overrides will be discarded.


2) All references to the old object become invalid and can lead to bad behavior such as breaking other mods or even vanilla itself (try registry replacing stone, I dare you.)


3) All mixins, coremods, etc will not get called if the subclass overrides those methods and doesn't call super (why blast processing won't work with normal fast furnace, as it replaces the tick function of the vanilla furnace so my own mixins won't apply)


The advantages of the mixin version vs the registry replacement version is:


1) it doesn't use registry replacement so it will work fine with other mods that modify the crafting table.





Notes: this mod requires mixinbootstrap and is required clientside as well as serverside.


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