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Eidolon - noun.

 1. a phantom, spectre, or shade.

 2. an ideal person or thing.



Eidolon is a magic mod that draws on a lot of different inspirations, with aspects of alchemy and theurgy. It takes a bit of a dark perspective, also featuring mechanics themed around necromancy and soul manipulation. If you have ever wanted to play as a dark mage, performing strange rituals and communing with dark gods, this is the mod for you.

To get started with Eidolon, craft the Ars Ecclesia:

This book contains documentation of all the mod's features, including crafting recipes.

With it, you have everything you need to get started with the mod!



Using shards of pure soul energy, activate powerful rituals at the brazier. Create new items, summon monsters, and ward huge areas from hostile creatures.


Build an altar and pray to the dark lord. Perform sacrifices, upgrade your altar, improve your reputation with them, and they might reveal to you new knowledge or grant you new abilities...


Perform alchemy at the crucible, and tinker with magic items at a new workbench. Using soul shards and a huge variety of other ingredients, take your pick of a large selection of magical weapons, tools, armor, and curios.


...and much more!

There's lots to explore in Eidolon, and this will only expand with further updates. The mod is currently quite early in development, but there are quite a few neat features lined up for upcoming updates. So stay tuned!


Other Info

Mod compatibility:

Eidolon requires the Curios mod.

Eidolon supports Just Enough Items for all crucible recipes, workbench recipes, and rituals.



Can I use Eidolon in a modpack?

Yes, you can use this mod in any modpack, for any launcher.


Will Eidolon ever be ported to Fabric?

I only have so much time, unfortunately. Forge has more mod selection and I'm more familiar with it, so I'm going to be sticking with it for the foreseeable future.


Can you backport Eidolon to 1.12/13/14/15?
This is also not currently planned. Consider updating to play with Eidolon and all the other new mods!


Mod Spotlights:

Official Developer Spotlight (1.0)
(playlist in description)


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