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Should really be called Tab Info, because it now also works when in singleplayer!


This is a mod that can be installed on both the client and the server without causing missing mods errors for clients without the mod or servers without the mod.

When connected to a server the mod only works when the server also has the mod.



The version on the server does not need to match the version on the client, but if the client connects to a server with an too old version some features will be missing.

The version number has the following impact:

  • The first number means which versions are compatible. 
  • The second number means that some features only works when connected to a server with the same or higher version.
  • The last number is for small improvements that only the client needs to have.


Features showcase

The new and improved dimension tps list


The new player list




The inspiration for the mod and the presentation have been based on a small feature from MineTogether, where if an optional mod was installed on the server and query feature was active, you could view information like tps and entities in world. It would present this information like the player tab list, when pressing Tab + Ctrl.

The spark for me was that it stopped working, therefore I made this small mod to view tps for all dimensions.

To activate the gui press Tab + Ctrl (standard but configuable in keybindings) then you are presented with the tps overall for the server and for each dimension.


Know issues

  • If MineTogether is installed and siv intregration is enabled and ServerInfoProvider is not installed, you can get lag issues when using the keybind for the tps page, because they use the same keybinds.
    To fix this issue either, disable siv intregration under MineTogether or change the keybind for tps page.


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