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Upgrade aquatic's focus is to improve everything related to the update aquatic, including oceans, rivers and insomnia. Our intent is to offer unique content, visuals and gameplay while staying true to the feel of Minecraft. 



Red Text indicates the feature will be added next update, and is documented here in preparation.

Vanilla Tweaks:

Drowned: Have a chance to drop all corals (except for prismarine and dead coral).

Dispensers: Can now bucket fish in addition to releasing fish like vanilla.

Phantoms: Only attack insomniacs (those who can actively cause them to spawn).

Conduit: Now accepts any type of prismarine block for its border, including stairs, slabs and our very own prismarine coral.

Turtle Shell: Now provides infinite water breathing, but loses 1 durability every 2 seconds underwater, durability is indicated where your bubble meter should be.

Salmon, Squid: Now spawn in swamps, this is likely temporary and is to stop pike overspawning, they'll be swapped out for unique mobs.

Wandering Trader: Sells the new corals (minus prismarine), new fish buckets and searocket.

New Content:

Nine New Coral Types: They generate in coral reefs and come in every colour out of the 16 block palette (except the vanilla coral colours and light grey and grey, those are dead corals).

Guardian Spine: Can be extended and retracted with redstone and placed on any surface, they slow movement and stop swimming. Deal damage if the player moves in them. Dropped by guardians.

Elder Guardian Spine: Essentially an upgrade to Guardian Spines, but do more damage, are thiccer, and give the player Mining Fatigue I. Dropped by elder Guardians.

Elder Guardian Eye: Orientable in any direction and toggleable with right click. When any entity is within 14 blocks of where its facing, it creates a redstone signal from every side. Dropped by elder guardians.

Nautilus: Spawns deep underwater in ocean biomes, with the exception of cold and frozen oceans, often in ravines. When approached by a player, drowned or squids, it dashes off, leaving a trail of bubbles. Careful following it, as it's immune to the pull of bubble columns- and you aren't! Drops its shell (the one from vanilla). You can also collect it a water bucket and release it to stop it despawning! 

Embedded Ammonite: If you think nautiluses are too cute to kill, you can go the peaceful route and smelt this rare ore that spawns at any height in oceans and beach biomes, a good reason to visit stone shores!

Bedrolls: Beds that don't set spawn, craft one from 5 leather and 1 wool and then dye it in any color, a necessity with the addition of phantoms. Bedrolls can also be used underwater without water breathing.

Potions of Insomnia and Restfulness: Restfulness decreases your insomnia timer by 1 or 2 days, based on potion level and is brewed with cocoa beans. Insomnia does the opposite by increasing your timer
and can be brewed with a fermented spider eye and restfulness. Both can be brewed into splash, lingering and arrows, the latter being especially useful as restfulness potions deal huge damage to phantoms.

Insomnia Overlay: When phantoms are able to spawn because of you, a subtle first person overlay will start to appear in the overworld (configurable) 

Prismarine Coral: A unique, glowing coral that drops prismarine shards when broken without silk touch, generates rarely near magma blocks in ocean biomes

Elder Prismarine Coral: The "dead" version of Prismarine Coral.

Prismarine Coral Showers: Placed underneath blocks, produces aesthetic particles.

Searocket: A generic plant that can be placed on the same blocks as bamboo. Found on all types of beaches, more common in pink on hotter beaches, more common in white on colder ones. Can be potted, turned into dye and composted. Additionally, searocket can be bonemealed to drop another one of itself, like sunflowers. Suspicious stew made with searocket provides 9 seconds of water breathing.

Pickerelweed: Found where water borders land or in shallow water, as long as the biome isn't icy, a beach, an ocean or a desert, more common in rivers and swamps and very common in flower forests. It can be turned into dye or consumed, for a food that replenishes bubbles. To grow pickerelweed, it needs to be waterlogged, but have an air block above it to grow into. Slows entities down, can be put into a flowerpot as well as composted. Additionally, it can be fished in rivers and swamps, or found in shipwreck supply chests.

Pike: A neutral fish that has 11 skins, all of which can be bucketed. The dropped item, which can be fished up, can be consumed for beef's food values. Pike spawn exclusively in rivers and swamps and will spawn very rarely without pickerelweed, which they hide in, so it's recommended you cultivate it if you want to find pike. Passive fish and baby turtles are scared of pike, but will not detect pike when they hide in pickerelweed. Pike leap out and their prey into pickerelweed, where they kill and eat them. Pike sometimes spawn with fishing loot in their mouths, they won't drop it unless they spit it out, which they will do when a fish presents itself. Additionally, pike will pick up items and drop them on death, unless it's the totem of undying, which they use. Although pickerelweed is abundant in flower forests, pike will not spawn in them.

Lionfish: Spawns near coral (excluding prismarine and dead coral) in oceans that aren't cold or frozen, getting too close or harming it will have it hit you and swim away, which inflicts poison. The effects are also applied just by being in contact with it, like a pufferfish. It kills tropical fish occasionally but otherwise likes to stay mostly idle. It can be bucketed, eaten and cooked.


Partially Implemented:

Prismarine Rod: Although obtainable, these are currently useless items

Jelly Torches: Currently unobtainable (yes, jellyfish soon!), underwater torches that come in 8 colors (no colored lighting)

Thrasher Tooth: Currently unobtainable, can craft and repair tridents, will drop from the thrasher (coming soon)

Insomnia is the mechanic added by 1.13 in which phantoms spawn after 3 days of not sleeping, this mechanic has caused great controversy. It is considered by many to be a bad addition, or an unpolished one, so we changed that! Both beds and bedrolls can reset the insomnia timer.

Most blocks in the mod are waterloggable.





    • Mojang: Pillow coral block
      Sixfootblue: Some of the new corals
      Nox: Elder Guardian Eye item
    • Anomalocaris: Nautilus Model
    • Endergy: Insomnia Overlay Base

    • Japanese Translation: ExpensiveKoala
      Russian Translation: Afoninz and Bratistolf
      French Translation: Arobazzz
      Italian Translation: Farcr
      Polish Translation: Dolores_Mcdoodle





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