Better Burning

This mod tweaks the burning and fire mechanics of Minecraft in ways that improve the balance and immersion of the game. All of these features can be disabled on an individual basis in the config file.




Burning Skeletons Shoot Burning Arrows

If a skeleton is on fire it will have a chance to shoot a flaming arrow. Flaming arrows will cause some burning damage if they hit you. (70% chance by default)


Flint and Steel Deals Burn Damage

Attacking a mob with flint and steel will cause a small amount of burn damage to the mob. This will cause a bit of durability damage to the item like with any other weapon. (3 fire damage by default)


Fire Resistance Extinguishes Fire

This feature will cause the player's burn timer to be cleared while they have a fire resistance potion active. This fixes an annoying issue where the burn timer would increase even if you have a fire resistance potion active. For example swimming in lava would still increase your burn timer regardless of the potion, leading to the fire animation playing for a long time after leaving the lava.


Fix Fire Damage Not Always Giving Cooked Drops

This feature fixes an inconsistency with how loot tables check if the mob was on fire. In vanilla some mobs will drop different items when on fire. For example a chicken will drop cooked chicken instead of raw chicken if killed with fire damage. The vanilla mechanic only checks for "damage over time" fire damage and not instant fire damage. This has lead to many edge cases where things like the vanilla Camp Fire block and various fire mechanics in other mods will not cause mobs to drop the correct items. These edge cases are fixed by this feature.


Fire Damage Spreads

When any mob that is on fire attacks another mob with an empty hand there is a small chance the mob being attacked will also catch on fire. This feature is based on a vanilla mechanic that allows zombies to spread fire to their targets if they attack without an item. This feature expands the vanilla feature to all mobs. (The spread chance is 30% by default)


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