Craft Die Repeat - Curse of Israphel

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This pack is focused on building a living breathing world to discover, inspired by The Yogscast's Shadow of Israphel Series. Many new structures and creatures have been added to enhance in game exploration.

The randomly generated combination of all the mods will bring new stories to each playthrough

Aiming to bring a vanilla plus feal with RPG elements thrown in to spice up the gameplay, without being as hardcore as packs like RLCraft.

(Optifine recommended for better performance)



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Cubes or not Turn NoCubes On/Off anytime to play how you prefer

(toggle nocubes rendering + collision, check keybind controls) 

The World

A whole new world with no cubes (Can be turned off), well some cubes, just not the terrain.

New Biomes and world generation for a dynamic world, with countless structures and unique mobs populating the world.

Pole With NoCubes you'll need to use a building block to nerd pole - scaffolding is a great replacement for dirt

Let's get moving!

Standard Minecraft gameplay Yawn. A slight spice to gameplay adds double + wall jumping, for a more natural feeling gameplay.

You can also pick up things like chests and mobs.


New sword skills and dodging to spice up combat, you can now lock onto enemies, with more skills to discover!

AutoPickup is disabled, crouch or right-click items to pick them up (can be disabled)


Oh! And we’ve also got proximity chat so you can get immersed in your next SMP, along with the ability to revive recently dead players.






Simple and balanced scaling. Difficulty will progress as the player does, even working discreetly per playing on servers. XP and mob dropped Heart Containers will grant you more health.

Some Items will require you to invest points into core attributes, accessed through your crafting menu. (You can craft chain mail armor FYI to bridge that gap between leather and iron) You'll also gain Skill Points as you level up which you can use to unlock both passive and active traits.




Yes, you can play in first-person but,

An over shoulder camera makes this game playable in the third person like many open-world survival games (position movable with arrow keys) with added animations to mobs and players to actually make it enjoyable to watch. A free look control lets you keep moving in one direction while looking at your surroundings, amazing for taking in the scenery, or making sure that dragon catching up!




get around


Go Explore

There's a lot out there to discover, so we've got some tweaks to make it easier. Waystones will spawn in the world and can be crafted, once activated you can fast travel to them either from a Waystone or from your inventory. Keep Inventory is also on by default, too often a dragon will pop up and burn all your good loot, less time running back to recover what you can, more time exploring. (can be disabled in config)

There are a few new tools to help traverse the world, and did you know you can call your horse to your location.




All aboard the train!

Improved Mob ai will prove an extra challenge. Zombies are now attracted to light sources and sounds, they'll often ground up in hoards as they roam the night. You better sort them out too 'cause they won't burn when the sun rises, luckily there are some new tools to help protect your base.



Quests for days!

You'll spawn in a village when you create a new world, giving you access to new ways of getting quests. Access unique quests from both the new Villager Bailey or from the Village's Bounty Board, complete the to gain rewards. (these sometimes glitch and don't spawn so you may need to cheat them in)




Easy organisation

Mod packs always have a few too many things to organise. With a few careful additions managing inventory and hotkeys shouldn't be an issue. Backpacks and toolbelts will help you carry all your items and equipment, torches can now be played with a hotkey while in your Hotbar (those shields can stay on your off-hand) , and Minemenus allows you to bind countless mod hotkeys to a single select wheel.


Where to start?

There’s a lot to do in this pack, with something for everyone, so here are a few key mods that will help give you some focus!



There’s a tone of new things to discover, can you see it all?



Zombies and Skeletons are too easy! Now everything will kill you.


Tool and blocks to create large scale build, or intimately detailed projects.


 Beware of the pale-faced man


Full Mod List



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