Future MC

716,182 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 18, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Adds blocks from future versions, so far I have added a few blocks and items. This mod is very early in development and will continue to update as I work on it.



Lantern - A light source (from 1.14) which can be set on the ground or hung from a ceiling. 

Stonecutter - A block (from 1.14) that converts stone blocks into other variants.

Grindstone - A block from 1.14 that repairs and disenchants items.

Smoker and Blast Furnace - Blocks (from 1.14) that can only smelt specific items, but use fuel much more efficiently and smelt twice as fast as a normal furnace.

1.14 Flowers - (Lily of the Valley, Wither Rose and Cornflower) Flowers that each craft into their respective dyes (Blue, White, Black).

1.14 Walls - 12 new wall variants (from 1.14) that inherit their looks from different blocks.

1.14 Dyes - These dyes can be used to craft items that require a dye of that color.

Trident - A throw-able weapon from 1.13. Also has Loyalty, Channeling, and Impaling enchantments. For now, they are obtained by killing Elder Guardians. No 3D item model yet.

Barrel - A block (from 1.14) that can store items like a chest even in tight places.

Suspicious Stew- An item (from 1.14) that grants a random potion effect when consumed. Craftable like Mushroom Stew but with any Vanilla flower.

Loom - A block (from 1.14) that is decorative as of version 0.0.5. Functionality not yet implemented.

Berry Bush - A block (from 1.14) that can be harvested to collect Sweet Berries. Found naturally in Taiga biomes, and has 4 stages of growth just like in 1.14.

Campfire - A light source (from 1.14) that can cook up to 4 food items at once.

Stripped Logs - A variant of the vanilla log that does not have its bark.

Composter - A block (from 1.14) that composts items into bonemeal. Has CraftTweaker compatiblity! Functions are on GitHub Wiki.

Bamboo - A plant (from 1.14) that grows tall and thick. Can be used as furnace fuel and to craft sticks.

Panda - An animal (from 1.14) that spawns in jungles. It's favorite food is Bamboo.

Bee - A flying insect (from 1.15) that can be found in bee nests that generate in plains, sunflower plains, and flower forests. There is also Honey Blocks.


Every feature in the mod is toggle-able by a config file.

More features will be added!


Consider joining the Future MC discord server.


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