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Fancy Block Particles



Fancy Block Particles

 This mod turns the old 2D vanilla and a few more particles 3D!


The Menu

 In here, can change how the particles look, how they behaveYou can blacklist blocks if you want to

You're more than welcome to include this mod in your modpacks ;)




I recommend pairing the mod with the Proportional Destruction Particles mod.



inspired by this craftland.org's custom minecraft client feature:
(NOT a standalone mod)


Open FBP Menu                  'P'
Quick Blacklist Menu        'X'                (mouse over block | +Shift - held block)
Toggle Freeze Effect          'R'
Toggle Enable Mod            [NOT SET]
Kill Digging Particles        [NOT SET]


Thanks to Juger for making this video![EN]:

Thanks to FuzionDroid for making this video![EN]:

Thanks to KIKONUTINO for making this video![ES]:

Thanks to Leonardo Fiori for including this mod in his video!

Thanks to Awesome Meatball for making this video![EN]:

Thanks to YourCrazy Friend for making this video![RU]:

Thanks to asianhalfsquat for making this video![EN]: