Bailey's Dailies

Bailie's Dailies

A friendly neighborhood villager named Bailey has decided to set up shop and offer five new quests every day.  Hunting zombies?  Let Bailey know about it, and she'll reward you with a bunch of experience points.  Smelting gold ingots?  Bring them to her and she'll offer you diamonds in return.

This mod provides small-scale quests that are changed out every Earth day.  In order to accept the quests, you must first locate Bailey, a new NPC that is found in villages.  After interacting with her, she will present you with the list of today’s quests from which you can accept ones you are interested in.  She will also collect any items you have gathered for quests and trade them out for your reward.  Each day, she'll offer five new quests from the Quest List.  As you accept them, complete them, or abandon them all your progress gets synced with MinecraftDailies.com where you can keep track of yourself, your friends, and your acquaintances. Here's Paul for example.


Find Bailey's Shop in a village to get access to the quests.

Bailey's Shop



Interacting with Bailey lets you accept quests, abandon quests, turn in items, and collect rewards.  If you've got access to spawn eggs, there's one for Bailey too.

Bailey's GUI



As you go about your business, check quest progress on the inventory screen.

Quest Inventory


Or online.

Frodare's MinecraftDailies.com Profile


Bailey can look a bit different depending on what biome she's from, but she's always ready to dish out some quests.

Biome Bailies


Visit MinecraftDailies.com to check out today's quests, discover new quests, and track player stats.  Visit the ToroCraft Dailies GitHub and the MinecraftDailies GitHub to keep track of development progress.


Please feel free to include Bailey's Dailies in any modpack.  No need to ask for permission.