Dude! Where's my Horse?

303,140 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 9, 2019 Game Version: Forge

Dude! Where's my Horse? version 3 is a lightweight horse-finding mod for Minecraft 1.14.4! (1.12.2 updates will be released soon.)

Simply sneak-right-click the Ocarina on an eligible entity will claim it, and the tooltip will now contain the name of the entity (according to your localisation), as well as the UUID of the entity. Repeating this will unclaim it; doing this to another entity will unclaim the original entity before claiming the new one.

Right-clicking again at any time will attempt to summon the entity to you, even if that entity happens to be in an unloaded chunk. Should the chunk by unloaded, the Ocarina will attempt to load the chunk and summon the entity from it, and then the chunk will be unloaded again.

Eligible entities by default exclude monsters, players, villagers, etc. You can further configure this by providing a list of strings as Resource Locations, either as a whitelist or a blacklist.

It also features a lightweight saddle recipe.

If interested, you can now support my modding work on Patreon.

Ocarina recipe:


Saddle recipe:



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