Fish's Undead Rising

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Mod 1.0.7

"Fish's Undead Rising" aims to add some dangerous mobs into vanilla game. Player will reward some special loots from slaughtering these mobs and will be enabled to craft some useful items with these loots.


I'm not a native English speaker, so it is appreciated to give me any advice :)

Language: English, Traditional Chinese.


#7/19: All announcement are now moved to Issues page. In addition, all 1.13 preview are in the Images page (more new items and mobs!).


#8/11: Version 1.1.0 for Minecraft 1.13.2 is published!! Beware this version is still in a beta phase and may generate some buggy features. Be sure to backup your map before opening with this mod.


#8/12: Version 1.0.6 for Minecraft 1.12.2 is published with items and mob coming back from Version 1.1.0 for Minecraft 1.13.2. I'll continue to port back more contents, hope you enjoy~v106


#8/31: Version 1.0.7 for Minecraft 1.12.2 is published with more items and mob coming back from Version 1.1.0 for Minecraft 1.13.2, as well as some brand new items!


Mobs Introduction:

LavaCow LavaCow

Lavacow is a magical creature that only spawn through special item. When milked, it gives you a bucket of lava instead of milk, thus making it an infinite lava source.

Foglet Foglet

These nasty hostile mobs will only spawn near swamp and river. When hurt, they will spawn a patch fog and try to hide in it. They will drop their sharp fangs when killed and these fangs are suitable to making a bone sword. 

Parasite Parasite

These creatures will burst out in a swarm sometimes when a zombie is dead. They may try to attach on you or other nearby zombies. Parasites will clean out a horde of zombies in seconds. Good news, they have limited life so you can just run away and watch them struggle.

New Undead SwineUndead Swine

Undead Swine are rare hostile mobs that spawned only in forest. They are tough and stronger than an enderman, and will hit and knock player back with strong force. They will have a chance to drop their undying heart, which can be used to enchant your weapon with Lifesteal, or crafted into a powerful artifact.

Cordy Ciuperca

Ciuperca are unfortunate zombie infected with dreadful cordyceps. They emit poisonous gas and will poison creatures all around them include your precious livestock (luckily, poison doesn't cause lethal). They will drop hyphae, which can be used in brewing with water bottle to make Potion of Fission. Fortunately, ciuperca can only spawn in hot & humid environment.


Ingheta are zombie variants that only spawn in cold biomes. Their attack is freezing and will cause slowness when being contact. It has a rare chance to drop Frozen Thigh, which is both a weapon and a food.


Salamander and its spawn can only found in the burning hot nether. It is so-called a "living artillery", having the ability to spray volleys of fireball at player. It's drops is valuable and can be used to make various melee & range weapons.


Wendigo thrives in the coniferous forest. Players should prepare themselves when they heard wendigo's horrifying howls. Their claws can be crafted into some wicked weapon.

Mimicrab  Mimicrab

Mimicrab are hermit crab that lives in the chest. It will only spawn near a chest and stay there till someone come close in. Mimicrab is also tameable by feeding them caned rotten meat. Tamed Mimicrab can be served as a portable chest and can even upgrade(right-click a tamed mimicrab with a ender eye) into a Endercrab to served as a portable ender chest.

  • Tamed mimicrab will eat caned rotten meat in its inventory automatically if its HP dropped below 50%
  • You can manually feed any types of meat to heal them.

SludgeLordSludge Lord

Sludge Lord is a hulk beast endemic to swampland. It has the ability to spew out sludge to cripple it's prey, a.k.a the player. 


Raven is a tamable avian that only spawns in the dark forest or the coniferous forest.

  • tamable via spider eyes, fermented or not.
  • feed meat to heal the raven
  • will sit on top of owner's head when approached. It will fly down when its owner is sneaking or logout.
  • will try to pickup any item left on ground. Hit the wild one or right-click the tamed one can get items back.
  • will try to flee from the Wendigo.
  • Owner's falling speed is slowed by 50% and will negate all the falling damage when raven is sit on top of its owner.


Items Introduction:

 NetherStew Nether Stew


Tired of getting a lot of netherwart? Nether stew is your perfect solution! It's a stew that provides saturation as well as one out of four random positive effects, including StrengthII, ResistanceII, SpeedII, and AbsorptionII. Nether stew can also used to feed pigs.


CaneBeef Caned beef/pork/rotten meat


Combining beef/pork/2 rotten meats with sugar cane, and you will get this delicacy. Caned food provides saturation as well as a minor Regeneration effect, and takes only 50% eating time. The caned rotten meat can also be used to tame Mimicrab.


Hyphae Hyphae

Hyphae are special loot dropped by cordy. The main usage of hyphae is to make potion of fission, or you can combine it with dirt to make mycelium.


FissionPotion Potion of Fission


Potion of fission is used to clone animals like cow, pig, chicken...etc. It is really useful if you can't find two of the same species to breed. After using, the single adult will become two babies.


GlowShroom Glow Shroom

Glow shroom is new type of mushroom that can rarely found in wild or on cordys' head. It emits light and can be used as a light source. In addition, you can craft a glow shroom and a fishing rod on an anvil to give it LuringIII.


ParasiteItem Parasite

Parasite is special loot dropped from dead parasites. It serves as a cookable food, or combine it with a fishing rod on an anvil to give it LuringI.


Mousse Minced meat


Combine parasite/fish/meat(excluding beef, pork, and lamb) with egg and sugar to have some minced meat. Minced meat can be cook into 4 meatballs.


MeatBall Meatball

meatball is cheap food that takes only 25% eating time to eat. It's a good replacement to watermelon if you can't find any melon seeds.


FangTooth Fangtooth

fangtooth are special loot dropped by the foglet, wolf and polar bear. It can be crafted into bone sword.


BoneSword Bone Sword


Bone Sword works like normal iron sword, but it will also deal bonus damage equals to 5% of target's max HP(min: a half heart).


Guts Intestine

Intestine is rare loot dropped by various creatures, you can use it to get some random materials, or nothing :(


FrozenThigh Frozen Thigh

Frozen thigh is a rare loot dropped by the refriger. It has high attack damage but is easily broken, and also slows the target it hits. Frozen thigh can also be eaten, take some time though.


PoisonSpore Poisonous Spore

Poisonous Spore is rare loot dropped by the cordy. It can be used as an enchantment to give your melee weapon PoisonousIII


UndyingHeart Undying Heart

Undying Heart is rare loot dropped by the undead swine. It can be used as an enchantment to give your melee weapon LifestealIII


GoldenHeart Golden Heart                                                         


When holding this legendary artifact, it will give 8 seconds of Regeneration if the player is wounded, and will repair all equipped items at a rate of 1/sec.


Molten Meat Molten Meat

Dropped from salamander and lava cow, this is the core item in the version 1.0.6. Can also be used as a one-time flint&stone, too.


Molten Axe Molten Axe

Molten Axe Recipe

An axe with diamond attributes that can harvest charcoal directly when chopping down trees.


/molten Hammer Molten Hammer

Molten Hammer Recipe

A hammer with diamond sword attributes that can cast a firenova to damage all nearby entities. 


Molten Heart Molten Heart

Molten Heart

The main ingrediant to brew Potion of MOOten Lava. 


Molten Potion Potion of MOOten Lava

Molten Potion Recipe

A magical potion that can transform a cow into two Lava cow calves, if it doesn't get burned to death.


 Plagued Porkchop

Dropped by Undead Swine, this will give Mining Fatigue(00:30) when eaten.

 Green Bacon & Eggs

Maybe you don't like green egg & ham, but how about some green bacon & eggs? Eat green bacon & eggs will give you Haste(01:00) .


 Plagued Hide

Dropped by Undead Swine, it can be used as ordinary leather.


 Swine Mask

A mask that make Undead Swine ignore you and grant immunity to poison.


 Scythe Claw

Dropped by Wendigo.


 Azrael's Scythe

A weapon that can deal damage ignoring armor.



A weapon that set you into permanent hunger state, but gain hunger point when dealing damage.


 Mimicrab Claw / Baked Mimicrab Claws

Dropped by Mimicrab.


 Silky Sludge

Dropped by Sludge Lord, it can be used as ordinary slime ball.


 Mossy Stick

Dropped by Sludge Lord, it can be used as ordinary stick.


 Sludge Pile

Can be put on the ground to accelerate player's movement speed for about 20%.



A magic wand that can summon Lil'Sludge aside the player to fight for 60 seconds.


 Burnt Ovipositor

Dropped by Salamander.



A range weapon that can be used as a fire charge launcher.

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