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The other mods that added Minecraft Earth were below 1.15.2 at the time and missing many features, so I made a mod that adds the Minecraft Earth features to 1.15.2 and beyond


As of the latest version, we now have diverse mobs, new items, colorful blocks, AND a currency system! (And also Tappables!)

Also there's a secret dimension for finding earth mobs more easily.


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You may use this mod in a modpack as long as you do not sell it via any means, you give credit (Linking back to this page), you do not make any changes to the mod aside from config files, and you follow all of the other terms listed in the license.



"Animal Farm""Animal Farm" 


Let's take a look at the mod features!

(This may be outdated if I forget to update it over time, for best results check the github wiki although it'll take me some time to update that too) 


Some, but not all of the cool mobs we have! (A full list is on our wiki)

Warning: This mod adds more animals so you'll see less vanilla passive animals, as that's how spawning works


Muddy Pig

Epic pig variant that can be found in all biomes!

If pigs get in mud they become muddy pigs!

(A full list of the mobs is on our wiki)



A variant of the chicken that has shrooms on it

Can be found in mushroom biomes and in roofed forests! 

You can "pick" the mushrooms gently from the chicken by right clicking! (Doing so will turn it back into a normal chicken) 

(A full list of the mobs is on our wiki)


Furnace Golem

A mighty golem even stronger than the original

You know, because, it has a furnace

Rare chance to drop a furnace or blast furnace upon death

I wouldn't suggest attacking one though... 

Emits light blocks which can be cleared through player contact 

Can be found scattered around the world 

(A full list of the mobs is on our wiki)


Melon Golem

Attacks hostile mobs with the power of Melon Seeds!

Can be found in "cold" biomes 

(A full list of the mobs is on our wiki)



Rare mob found in most biomes

Spawns in herds of 2-4

(A full list of the mobs is on our wiki)


Fancy Chicken

Fancy and colorful versions of the chicken! Aka a rooster

(A full list of the mobs is on our wiki)


Jolly Llama

Spawns in normal llama biomes

Fun, rideable llama variant! 

(A full list of the mobs is on our wiki)


Bone Spider

Spooky, tough spider variants that shoot bone shards at you! They're heavy thankfully so they can't climb up blocks.

(A full list of the mobs is on our wiki)


Skeleton Wolf (New Pet!)

Hostile allies of the skeletons that will buff them using their howls. Be careful!

Some skeletons have also brought their pets into the nether! Be on the lookout!

Tamable via rotten flesh, if you can take the damage it'll deal to you while you try to tame it!

(A full list of the mobs is on our wiki)


Piebald Pig, Pale Pig, Spotted Pig

Just pig variants that look a bit similar but a little different as well

(A full list of the mobs is on our wiki)


Ashen Cow, Sunset Cow, Albino Cow

Colorful cow variants! 

(A full list of the mobs is on our wiki)



Got me 4k upvotes on reddit


Pink variant of their moobloom cousins

(A full list of the mobs is on our wiki)



Some of the Blocks/Items



The Buttercup

A flower that generates naturally, like most flowers do

Mooblooms are attracted to it

Use a bottle on it to fill it up and create a rejuvenating drink!

Drinking it will give you regeneration for a few seconds and also restore some hunger. It can be drank when your hunger is fill as well!

This way you don't have to kill innocent flowers to craft them into drinks.

(A full list of the mobs is on our wiki)



Mud is a soft, sticky matter resulting from the mixing of earth and water.

You find it in randomly occurring springs, that also have rewards!


Rainbow Wool

Just a colorful wool variant that has similar functions to wool!



Rubies and Currency System


Currency ore!

Can be used to craft decorative blocks as well

Shop system can be accessed through /shop




Fun boxes you can break for interesting rewards! (You can trade in rubies for them in /shop!)

What's in the box?


The Earth Dimension


In the shop there's a mysterious purchase you can make...

perhaps if you made a portal frame using chest tappables you can unlock a new world... maybe a world where you can build to your delight that has tons of Minecraft Earth Mobs! 

But again, that's just a theory. 

If you don't want to go in this dimension you just dont have to build the portal at all and it won't bother you.



Config is really basic right now as I'm still learning but more will be worked on in the future. For now, you can access a config gui by pressing the period key 

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The awesome users that have helped me out! 


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And that's it! Thanks for reading all the way and be sure to try out my other mods!

Also if you liked the mod and want to see my progress a simple follow would do!




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