Health and Hunger Tweaks

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I'm no longer supporting this mod, I apologize for the inconvenience.

if anyone wants to fork the repo and re-release this, go ahead. License permits it.

 Modifies the way Minecraft manages food and the corresponding health regeneration in the following ways:

  • Decreases hunger drain (1/2 normal rate)
  • Gives an effect (Satiated) to players when eating food that disables hunger drain for its duration
  • Disables health regeneration from saturation and fullness
  • Instead, health regeneration begins 10 seconds (by default) after taking damage, then rapidly (by default) regenerates health. This system is similar to what is done in some first-person shooters.
  • Also provides a Health Kit system

The mod has been dramatically changed in version 2.0.0, so please read the wiki page for more information.


This mod is for those who think Minecraft's hunger system is a little poorly-designed, with it being more of an annoyance than an interesting / fun game mechanic.


Mod Compatibility

  • Tough as Nails - Can set minimum thirst value for regeneration

Known Incompatibilities

  • ToughExpansion - ToughExpansion implements its own thirst-checking mechanism that is incompatible with Health and Hunger Tweaks. It can be disabled in its config file.


More information can be found at the repository and the wiki page.


Mod pack information: read the license, though the answer is most likely 'yes'.


Also: don't expect me to read / reply to comments left on Curse. Please use the Github Issue Tracker for bug reports. If there's a crash, post a link to a pastebin of the crash-report found in the Minecraft folder. Give as much information as possible, such as logs, what you expected to happen, what happened, logs, images (if applicable), and logs. Use common sense as well.


Finally: I may or may not be around to update this in the future, so if you feel like forking the repo and distributing it, that's totally fine by me. Just name it in such a way that it can be distinguished from the original (e.g. Health and Hunger Tweaks Reborn, or something like that).





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