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A complete rewrite of EE2 (Equivalent Exchange 2) for modern Minecraft versions. Transmutation tables, collectors, condensers, flying rings, and all the other trinkets you love are here.


Discover powerful alchemical tools, items, and devices. Break down unwanted items into EMC (Energy-Matter Covalence) and use that EMC to create new items.


Notice: Please do not download nor support "ProjectEX"/"ExtendedExchange". This is a broken addon from problematic creators, which we do not wish to be associated with, nor included alongside in modpacks. If you opt to use this addon despite the warning, we will be unable to provide support for any errors or issues you face. We recommend the following remake instead:


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This mod may be redistributed as part of a modpack, both public and private modpacks are allowed, however we ask that you do not include the mod along side the problematic "ProjectEX"/"ExtendedExchange". We also ask that you do not mirror the mod by itself or create a "mod installer". Please credit the mod on any lists as "ProjectE", there is no space in the name.


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Please try the latest release build before reporting, be sure to also include any logs or steps to reproduce you may have, as well as your Forge version, and whether or not you are using a third party loader such as Cauldron. When submitting logs please use a service such as Pastebin, do not paste the log directly into the issue.