Medieval Craft

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48 new weapons and armors



(Some weapons like great sword, long sword, katana, spear have larger size in the hand but the size is not shown in the item frame).



Excalibur is the most powerful sword in the mod, with over 30 damage and fire resistance, resistance III, speed II, strength II, regeneration II.
To find it you need to find the stone it is in and right click, the stone is extremely rare, when the structure generating a lightning bolt will fall on it making anyone who is not looking for it or does not know this information much more difficult to find.



 7 new structures

9 new mobs


I recommend using version 1.12.2 as it has fewer bugs and I usually update first.

Cool texturepack for this mod

roman armor texture by stugace

npc textures i find in Nova Skin and I edit in photoshop.

0 10/31/2020

25k 05/05/2021

50k 06/08/2021

75k 06/18/2021

100k 06/23/2021

150k 07/07/2021

200k 07/25/2021

250k 08/11/2021

300k 09/01/2021

400k 10/16/2021

500k 11/21/2021

 Common questions:
Can you add a config for the mod? I am not a programmer and I used mcreator to make this mod and it does not allow me to create one.
with the structure block and add it to the mcreator.

Can I use this mod on my modpack? yes.
Can I use this mod in a video on youtube? yes but you have to put the link to this page.
Can I use textures to create another mod or texture pack? ask me before

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